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McCarter’s Research Reveals Auto Brands Disconnect With Moms at M2Moms®

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Founder/CEO of Marketing to Mums

71% Of Moms Say Auto Brands Don’t Get Them

This dissonance represents a fantastic opportunity for automotive brands”
— Katrina McCarter, Founder/CEO of Marketing to Mums
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 28, 2021 / -- Drawing on her Marketing to Mums survey of 952 Australian mothers, internationally recognized global marketer and mother of 3, Katrina McCarter, found that, ”71% of moms say auto brands don’t get them”. McCarter added in the same survey, ”79% of moms identified themselves as key car buying decision makers”. In her recent M2Moms® article “Car Marketing Drive Moms Crazy”, McCarter reviews the causes of the disconnect, reflects on her own personal experience and identifies one automotive brand that gets its marketing right with today’s moms and families. McCarter is founder of Marketing to Mums and Partnership Mastery. M2Moms® - The Constant Conference is an online executive learning resource dedicated to helping marketers deliver better results with today’s moms and families.

“This dissonance represents a fantastic opportunity for automotive brands,” McCarter explained. “The top three mistakes moms feel automotive brands make? They treat moms like they’re stupid. They push their sales message too hard. They stereotype moms. In moms’ words, “Stop selling to me like I’m defined by being a mom. My car is an extension of my identity (like my clothes) and I’d like that to be a good-looking, even sexy one.”

“My own research has lately centered on Volvo,’ McCarter added. “Thanks not just to their product but their Scandinavian ethos of ‘omtanke’ or thoughtfulness, and consistent, award-winning marketing. Volvo’s initiatives demonstrate a deep understanding of modern mothers. Their strategy is to connect with moms early in their automotive search (they set up shop at giant mother and baby shows), via marketing which speaks directly to women. My interest was piqued by the company’s recent Gerety Award win for a spot with the tagline, ‘The car that looks after you like you look after others’.”

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