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Arka Softwares launched a comprehensive Guide on Telemedicine App Development

Arka Softwares Comprehensive Guide on Telemedicine App Development

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Read a comprehensive guide on the telemedicine app development process, that could help businesses to develop complex and efficient telemedicine mobile apps.

Arka Softwares implements modern technologies, tools, and frameworks to transform virtual healthcare services, enabling healthcare providers to provide a next-level user experience.”
— Satyam Chaturvedi
DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, November 9, 2021 / -- Technology has been acting as a catalyst for digital transformation in almost every walk of life. Healthcare is one such domain, which has completely changed with the usage of advanced technologies, better healthcare practices, and tools. Let's see how Telemedicine applications have brought a positive disruption in the market and ensured that affordable healthcare is available to everyone, everywhere, and every time.

Telemedicine apps not only offer remote healthcare services but also ensure that patients get instant medical services at the leisure of their homes. These apps enable a patient to consult a healthcare practitioner via their smartphone, which helps them to save cost and time. The biggest advantage of the telemedicine app is that it offers a highly individualized treatment procedure for both patient and practitioner.

Telemedicine apps have proved their worth since the COVID-19 pandemic struck us last year. The world was virtually at a standstill and all of us are forced to stay indoors due to strict lockdowns across the world. However, medical emergencies or usual ailments can happen anytime, and that’s where everyone witnessed the utility of telemedicine apps. People are feeling blessed as they can consult with doctors, can fetch the prescription, upload their reports and pictures to share medical conditions with the practitioners to avail instant medical attention.

The COVID put a massive bottleneck for people, who were unable to access the healthcare services by visiting their nearest hospital, and telemedicine apps did fill this void by offering a credible and convenient medium to avail the healthcare benefits round the clock.

Arka Softwares is a leading software development firm, that keenly observed the industry trends and set its foot in the healthcare and Telemedicine domain, and within such a short period, it has garnered a niche space by delivering several award-winning apps to its clients across the world.

Our telemedicine applications have been successfully meeting the diverse and dynamic needs of our healthcare clients. Our telemedicine app portfolio includes apps such as on-demand doctor appointment apps, on-demand pharmacy apps, online medical consultation apps, and many others. Over the years, Arka Softwares have delivered various industry-acclaimed telemedicine apps to address the diverse requirements of patients and practitioners alike.

At Arka Softwares, our seasoned consultants help healthcare service providers, medical organizations, and Ambulatory clinics to build a plethora of telemedicine apps to address their niche requirements. Arka has built a Doctor on-demand app, which enables patients to book an appointment with a doctor, while availing real-time patient monitoring and medical data, by simply taping on their mobile screens. Arka builds highly reliable telemedicine apps which can help medical service providers to offer their bouquet of services to their customers with no hassles.

Our experts have a firm belief, that modern technologies can easily address modern challenges, and that’s why our domain knowledge is blended with innovative technology to develop exceptional telemedicine solutions. By using emerging IT and Telecommunication technologies to incorporate real-time patient monitoring, instant communication, video consultancy features to give a class apart experience to the end-users. and streamlined connection between the healthcare providers and the patient.

Our telemedicine app development credentials can be experienced through our award-winning On-demand doctor app. It offers unbelievable flexibility and utility to doctors so that they can address the growing demand to offer medical consultation anytime anywhere.

As a principal telemedicine app development firm, Arka Softwares has built various successful and sought-after on-demand doctor appointment and consultation apps and equipped them with an enthralling user interface and innovative features. Our revolutionary healthcare application development services simplify the entire medical practice for all stakeholders including patients, doctors, healthcare staff, caregivers, and businesses.

As a prominent telemedicine app development partner and also known for crafting state-of-the-art remote healthcare care solutions, that strictly adhere to industry-specific regulations such as HIPAA compliance. By making good use of groundbreaking AWS architecture to offer enormous scalability and innovative features in all our healthcare applications. The AWS architecture helps us to meet HIPAA Compliance parameters and ensures strong authentication and authorization mechanisms, robust database layer, reliable backup and restore processes, real-time monitoring, and other key management practices.

Arka Softwares understand the importance of utilizing modern and state-of-the-art technologies to incorporate top-notch features in a mobile app, and believe us, using advanced technologies is our forte.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to capture the data and behavior-driven insights on patient medical conditions, ever-evolving medical care requirements, looming medical risks, healthcare diagnosis, and decision-making mechanisms. AI and ML help us incorporate the outcomes of medical insights and predictive analytics in our telemedicine app, giving them a niche edge over their competition in the market.

Arka Softwares has been constantly advocating the usage of Big data analytics in healthcare apps for a long and gained extensive experience in utilizing Big Data aided insights to equip our applications with adequate capabilities to serve healthcare causes.

Blockchain-based data management and data storage technologies equip mobile apps with impenetrable and tamper-proof data security, it also allows seamless data access from virtually everywhere and anytime. Blockchain allows us to ensure completely transparent and secured healthcare transactions as well as the dispensation of medical bills and insurance claims.

Arka Softwares is certainly among the leading development company that sensed the power of IoT (Internet of Things) and understood the revolution brought with real-time connected health tracking tools and advanced medical gadgets, that can be utilized at home or in hospitals to serve the patients. Also, developed top-notch Medical Internet of Things (MIoT) applications that can utilize IoT devices to impart seamless healthcare services and remote treatment.

Arka Softwares has emerged as a foremost and future-ready telemedicine application development partner with extensive industry experience and global delivery footprints.

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