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FairSpilt Finds Dividing Personal Property After a Death is… Well,…Personal's new home page promotes services beyond software subscription and encourages phone consultation and help.

FairSplit founder, David MacMahan now personally consults with all clients to help them navigate their estate division.

Heirs off to the races to claim personal property - Aghast grandma looks on from above.

FairSplit offers services to help families deal with the personal nature of dividing the assets of an estate. They even encourage calling the founder for help.

Until I am too overloaded to personally be the one to help, I am enjoying helping the families that find us for the same reasons I created the company.”
— David MacMahan
CAMARILLO, CA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2021 / -- Families, in particular the executor of families or trustee, face a real challenge when it comes to dividing the personal property between heirs. Almost no one has experience doing it, and everyone involved has an opinion of how it should be done., the industry leader of dividing tangible personal property, has just redesigned their website to promote services beyond the hosted software. The founder will personally help families by serving as the Administrator of their online process of listing, sharing and dividing personal property. The online system was created more than ten years ago to allow families to login to a private account, list all things to be divided and use the system FairSplit created to do it fairly and peacefully. Now all paid accounts get a thirty-minutes to one hour consultation with David MacMahan, the founder, to help them plan the best approach given their unique family situation.

Designed originally to be online software as a subscription service to allow families access to the tools to do it themselves, the model has morphed into a combination of guided personal assistance and added services made possible through the online application, so not just a software tool. There is the do-it-yourself ability to access the robust listing and sharing tools offered free, and the patented rounds to divide fairly, but the sheer overwhelm most executors find themselves had them asking for help listing, valuing, mediating, advising and managing the division process.

The new home page promotes being able to currently have David MacMahan, founder of serve as your family’s administrator for this process of dividing the tangible personal property. It encourages clients or interested potential clients to call. The ten years’ experience David has helping thousands of heirs through the process have made him arguably the most experienced person anywhere to help families through the process peacefully.

Today’s families are helping parents downsize and move, and ultimately when they pass away, they deal with loss, grief, and estate settlement, including navigating the fairness issues and personalities of their sibling heirs. The task of dividing, donating or selling the personal property (furniture, art, personal effects, jewelry, etc.) is often the part that can most easily lead to family conflict. Simultaneously, it can easily become the most time consuming and stressful part of settling an estate. Covid restrictions on travel and gathering have only magnified the challenges.

David MacMahan of says, "Until I am too overloaded to personally be the one to help, I am enjoying helping the families that find us for the same reasons I created the company. There is no reason anyone should be good at this for their one-time experience of having to do this for their family. I can add a lot of experience, guidance and clarity for everyone by being personally involved and understanding that all families are a bit unique, even though there are commonalities. Frankly, it is why I founded the company, so it is particularly enjoyable to be able to truly help relieve the stress and challenges for that family.”

Some law firms, trust companies, fiduciaries and family offices now choose to just have be the default way they suggest families approach the task of dividing personal property.

CONTACT AND BIO INFO: was founded in 2010 to help with peacefully dividing the personal property of estates, in death, divorce or downsizing in an online platform. The listing and sharing is free to use, with upgrades to divide online. Additionally, they offer mediation, listing assets from photos, valuing and administrative services.

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