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Steve Brossman: The Sales Innovator: Creator of the Self Selling Blueprint

Steve Brossman

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Steve Brossman is the creator of the Self-Selling Blueprint which will make the public keen to support your business.

Everything that I did back then is the same as now. Pick an area that you know you are good at, be unique and stand out in that particular area, become a leader, and everything else is a lot easier.”
— Steve Brossman
MOSMAN, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, November 25, 2021 / -- Like many business practitioners, if one struggles to stand out in a crowded market or get frustrated about having to justify your fees, Steve Brossman, also known as ‘The Sales Innovator,’ is the gentleman who can help.

Brossman has been running Expertise Empire for more than a decade and is the creator of the Self-Selling Blueprint, and now the Virtual Selling System which advises entrepreneurs on getting high-value clients asking to buy.

Using his nearly four decades of entrepreneurship experience, Brossman, from Sydney Australia, works with professionals and their businesses. He helps them uncover their unique authority factor, helping them build their signature blueprint which becomes a sales weapon even for those who don’t like to sell.

Brossman never intended to become an entrepreneur. As a youngster, he was a National Track Champion and set his sights on the Olympics. However, after breaking his back, he fell in love with the fitness industry and decided to open a health club. That was when his passion for entrepreneurship began.

“Everything that I did back then is the same as now. Pick an area that you know you are good at, be unique and stand out in that particular area, become a leader, and everything else is a lot easier. For example, after moving out of the fitness industry, I invented and sold four million environmental products in 26 different countries. People and business haven’t changed. The tools and toys have,” said Brossman while speaking on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast with Phil Pelucha.

Brossman believes that your “perceived position predicts your profits”. He believes that communication is vital towards getting a positive market perception, and he works with people who aim to bring about a high value to their brand.

“Communication is the line between who you are, what you deliver, and the people you engage with. It is either coal or diamonds or somewhere in-between. Coal is ugly but gets there in the end, giving off heat later on. Diamonds are immediately attractive, have high perceived value, and are everlasting, but both are predominantly just carbon,” said Brossman, the author of several books, including The Authority Client Attraction System.
Brossman is currently working on an exciting project where he teaches clients how to cultivate buying energy with potential clients and investors even before speaking to them.

“This can be done by getting your positioning right, so you are seen as the prize, not the pursuer, infusing the right information that shares some of your personality. By the time they talk to you, they will know who you are, why they should work with you, and when they do get to talk with you, they will want to work with you. The relationship journey starts from the time the person first sees you. They can have a taste of you and your company even before they meet you,” said Brossman.

Brossman believes that most sales trainers currently teach imposed influence which is the lowest level of sales influence. This entails the old present and pitch model, i.e., informing the customers why you are the best person to solve their problems, and telling them how to solve their problems.

“The next and more powerful level is collaborative influence. This is the one we focus on with our prospects. We use a specifically designed blueprint where we collaborate on the solutions and more importantly agree on tangible outcomes.

The next level is self-influence which is a great way of getting them to ask you to buy. One of the best things that people should remember in a sales situation is that when people are involved, they invest. So instead of delivering a pitch to them, create things together. Because they were heavily involved in saying yes, there will be few objections, if any. When people learn that there is a new way of selling by taking people through a process instead of selling yourself, it becomes easier,” said Brossman.

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