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Holistic Hyperbarics Will Expand, Vertically Integrate, and Standardize HBOT Agility

We are disruptors in hyperbaric oxygen therapy moving innovation, standardization, and patient-centered care to the forefront of the industry.”
— Alex Williams, Owner of Holistic Hyperbarics
OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 / -- Rooted in people-centered, accessible care, Holistic Hyperbarics has opened a public investment round to enable the company to expand access to the highly coveted, noninvasive healing treatment. The treatment of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has prevented over 80 patients’ diabetic amputations, restored hearing, improved fertility, healed injuries and wounds in a fraction of time indicated by medical professionals, and more.

Holistic Hyperbarics is the most and highest rated HBOT facility in the country, more likened to a spa than a clinic, and it’s the only HBOT clinic owned by a Black woman in the entire United States. After this investment round, Holistic Hyperbarics will also be the largest hyperbarics facility in the country.

The potential for HBOT to revolutionize the healthcare industry is clear: a 2014 study found a 33% increase in wound healing using HBOT compared to traditional modalities (Department of Plastic Surgery, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center). A prominent 2020 study showed that HBOT application can reconstruct telomeres, resulting in antiaging (Yafit et al). And dozens of patients go to Holistic Hyperbarics everyday to recover quicker from lingering COVID-19 symptoms.

With the public raise, the company will begin to accept health insurance, open new clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide, vertically integrate by procuring an oxygen supply company, and bring a newly designed and patented superior hyperbaric oxygen chamber line to the market.

Holistic Hyperbarics is built upon a commitment to making all people feel held, heard, and healed, regardless of the color of their skin, their background, or their socioeconomic status. By expanding their resources, Holistic Hyperbarics will bolster their ability to provide alternative or complementary treatment to patients in concert with doctor-prescribed drugs, surgery, or radiation.
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About Holistic Hyperbarics
Opened in 2017 by Alex Williams, Holistic Hyperbarics focuses on creating an atmosphere that combines evidence-based protocols with a nurturing and patient-first atmosphere. Running the business successfully as a cash pay clinic, Alex Williams is purposefully walking away from traditional sterile medical care to provide a new option with approachable and accessible treatment. Their nuanced approach to healthcare has doubled their year-over-year growth annually since their conception. Above all else, the Holistic Hyperbarics’ team prioritizes providing patients with what they need to heal. They know that there are a number of points where most clinics are failing their patients. With the right leader to bring in standardization and innovation, HBOT can help so many more people. Alex Williams and Holistic Hyperbarics will be that change.

Madison Ann Frilot
Boston University Communications Research, Media U