determined to prevent online speed typing competition cheats falsely winning £1,000’s in cash prize money

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Keyur Bhadada MCA - Chief Development Officer - Better Skills, Better Life Ltd.

The largest online cash prize speed typing competition website on the Internet is determined to stamp out cheating in their competitions.

We have an obligation to run open and very honest competitions and typing tests and we take this responsibility very seriously.”
— Tony Rust - Managing Direct Better Skills, Better Life Ltd
BLACKPOOL, LANCASHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, October 20, 2021 / -- November 2021 sees www.bsbltyping .com hosting their first Weekly Champions £100 Fastest Typist Big Match and, in January 2022, their first Weekly Famers £200 Fastest Typist Competition. With cash prizes for speed typing totalling over £1,000 in those two months there is a temptation for cheats to move in with software tools to cheat and take the prizes from legitimate fast typists.

Keyur Bhadada,’s Chief Development Officer, says ‘We had been largely successful in spotting and deleting abnormally high scoring entries which looked false, but we recently had a case where one person had built up a credible history as a competitor in the cash prize competitions and who then started to win, with ever increasing high scores. We didn’t detect this for some weeks, our staff were particularly busy with new development work, and it was only when that competitor achieved yet another high score in our Weekly £10 Prize Fastest Typist Competition that the pattern of scoring came to our attention. This was at the same time that we received a note from another competitor, an expert fast typist who is one of our Weekly Cash Prize Hall of Famers, pointing out the suspicious nature of a winning entry.’

Tony Rust, Managing Director of Better Skills, Better Life Limited, the company behind takes up the story, “We have an obligation to run open and very honest competitions and typing tests and we take this responsibility very seriously. When we became aware of this we thoroughly inspected the keystroke data in the relevant entries and we repeatedly tried to contact the competitor in question for their comments. In the absence of any reply from the competitor and from what we saw and learned from the keystroke data pattern, we felt that the keystokes had been made by means other than manual typing. Accordingly, in accordance with fairness and the competition rules, the competitor was been disqualified and on top of that is now barred from taking part in our competitions and using our typing tests and other products.’

The Solution
Keyur Bhadada’s closing remarks on this matter are, ‘We spent four weeks of development time in adjusting the scoreboards and nameboards and in developing transparent means for a competitor, and anyone else, to inspect the keystroke data for any entry on any scoreboard or nameboard simply by clicking on the recorded WPM score. As a further safeguard, the competition rules and the Typing Test user protocols now include the proviso that if any competitor or user achieves a high or abnormal score that wins a competition prize, or which achieves a high placing on the Typing Test scoreboards, then in order to validate that score the typist agrees to have a screen sharing online video conference call with us to demonstrate their general level of skill. With that, and the keystroke data, we can arrive at a conclusion as to the validity or otherwise of the score’

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