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Whyzz Gives Families Tools for ‘Worldwise’ #HonestConversations

Kid-ready answers to the never-ending “Why”- questions and conversation starters for tough topics.

Discuss what is going on in the world with your children for a few minutes each day. Foster curiosity and answer their (Why) questions and join a new tradition or a cause that makes a difference....”
— Constanze Niedermaier
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2021 / -- Whyzz, a parenting brand and media company, wants to make talking about the world and having #HonestConversations an everyday routine for families. Whyzz helps parents talk about cultures, global challenges, and controversial topics through its tools and resources. Tools include #DailyWhyzz, daily conversation starters, a database of kid-ready answers to the likes of “why is the sky blue?”, award-winning books, and weekly newsletters for Sunday dinner salons.

“At Whyzz, we ask parents to do three things: discuss, answer, and join,” Says CEO and founder Constanze Niedermaier. “Discuss what is going on in the world with your children for a few minutes each day. Foster curiosity and answer their (Why) questions and join a new tradition or a cause that makes a difference. I hope to encourage families to have honest conversations at the dinner table or on the way to school and get into the habit of open communications no matter the topic, as it will be very valuable in the more difficult teenage years,” continues Niedermaier.

In 2020, parents found themselves having tough talks with their children about social and racial injustice while living through a global pandemic that changed lives overnight. Important issues such as social justice, poverty, global warming, disease, and hunger are overwhelming topics for children to understand on their own, as well as making sense of what they find on social media. Still, with the tools and resources provided by Whyzz, parents find it easier to have meaningful conversations about current events and local and global challenges.

Kids are the future leaders, decision-makers, and inheritors of the Earth. Let’s raise them in a way that equips them with the knowledge and tools to make a difference.

Whyzz’s CEO and founder, Constanze Niedermaier, created the brand to help parents rise to the challenge and raise their children to be more globally aware and encourage a global citizenship perspective. Whyzz helps shape the way future generations view the world and fosters a global mindset that garners appreciation for all people.

An immigrant and global citizen herself, Niedermaier, who is also a parent of young children, aims to establish for parents: a global-minded lifestyle that she calls Passport Parenting. Her brand encourages curiosity and gives families tools to jumpstart conversations in fun and engaging ways. They include:

● Whyzz Books, 33 Things to Talk to Kids About Global Challenges, and 33 Family Conversations about the World. These award-winning books, written by Niedermaier, encourage significant conversations with children about such timely topics as climate change, global warming, agriculture, love, dignity, inequality, and moral values.

● Database of kid-ready answers to Why questions. Access to a full database of answers to the never-ending Why-questions, to encourage kids to ask more questions and be curious about the world around them.

● Daily Whyzz, a collection of conversation starters posted to Whyzz’s social media profiles. The daily posts of questions and facts are perfect for short family conversations about the news, big topics, or different cultures over breakfast, in the car on the way to school, or before bedtime.

● Resources: Expert written advice on how to talk about serious issues such as violence, race, sexuality and alcohol use.

● Salon Sundays, a weekly newsletter that aims to make Sunday dinner the time for family discussions. The newsletter highlights current events while providing background knowledge on specific topics. Salon Sundays also offer ideas for activities that will encourage families to share stories and values. It highlights families, rituals, and customs from around the world, such as easy-to-follow recipes that families can make together.

Whyzz understands the importance of enriching conversations, family experiences and celebrating the unique differences between groups and societies. Through their various offerings, Whyzz is reimagining how families look at the world together, all with Passport Parenting in mind - a new parenting style for raising future worldwise leaders.

About Whyzz:
Whyzz is a family lifestyle brand that offers tools and resources for raising young global citizens and encourage global-minded parenting. The company’s resources are geared toward families with children ages 5-14.

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