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from left to right: Jacob (son & business development). Kalvin (son & web developer). Jorma (grandpa & craftsman/engineer). Miles (son & production manager). Hannu (dad & product creator). Taylor (son & art department). Adam (nephew & 3D graphics)

The Djambla pitch changer for drums hits funding goal on Kickstarter on its mission to change the way drums are played.

I used it on a djembe and was able to pedal a wide array of articulations, tunings, and dynamics! The Djambla will transform your percussion to handle a more diverse variety of musical situations.”
— TRAZ DAMJI - awarded platinum album for work on Linkin Park’s Reanimation
VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, October 19, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The Djambla - A Whammy Bar for Drums hit its funding goal on Kickstarter as a #ProjectWeLove. With 3 weeks to go, inventor Hannu Rauma and his 5 sons want to get the message out to drummers of all kinds, but djembe enthusiasts in particular, that drums are hiding a treasure of sound and music that has gone untapped for centuries.

Did you know this about drums?

When you place something inside your drum, something large enough to change the volume of air inside the drum but not so large as to block the air coming out of it, the pitch lowers dramatically. Try it for yourself. If you have a djembe lying around, put it on your lap and play it with one hand while placing the other inside and listen to how the pitch changes. It’s amazing!

This is exactly how Rauma discovered the trick of acoustic physics that makes dynamic pitch changing a reality. It took 18 months and 14 prototypes to come up with the Djambla. The name is a mashup of djembe and tabla, because the Djambla can make your djembe sound like a flipping tabla! Or a talking drum, or tympani. Maybe you’ve never thought about playing a drum with a whammy bar before but why not?

Ok, the Djambla doesn’t have an actual whammy bar because one needs both hands while playing the drums, but it does have a foot pedal. The pedal drives a piston that inserts into your drum in seconds, and one inch of pedal/piston travel equals one semitone or whole note. The pedal moves a total of 5 inches to produce 5 whole notes! Keep in mind that this is done au naturel, pure acoustics, and not with electronics of any kind. No wires or plugs.

Rauma and family believe the Djambla is a game-changer for drums. With a patent application pending internationally, Rauma and his 5 sons are ready to take it to market. The technology covers applications for the entire spectrum of drums, but they’re starting small and putting their focus on popular hand drums such as djembes, doumbeks, and darbukas.

The team already has the 2nd generation Djambla in the works with multi-drum setups that span complete octaves, like a marimba but played with only 3 drums. For now, the goal is to attract enough attention to their Kickstarter campaign in the hopes to reach enough disruptor/innovator drummers that are willing to join the polyphonic drum movement and show the world what drummers can do with more notes.

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