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MGR Reporting Announces High Expectations For 2022

Marc Russo from MGR Reporting sitting with a stenotype

Marc Russo, MGR Reporting

In the $3 billion court reporting industry, lean management is key to customer satisfaction.

Attorneys want stenographic court reporters. We are willing to do what others cannot and find them for you.”
— Marc Russo, MGR Reporting
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / -- Looking for court reporters? MGR Reporting is ready to provide them according to its owner, Marc Russo. The growing company has kept pace with technological changes in the court reporting industry over the last year, adopting remote court reporting where appropriate and providing in-person court reporters when requested.

MGR’s first two quarters of 2021 were exceptional, with revenue being much higher than originally anticipated. Covering remote and in-person depositions, the court reporting firm is ready to meet the needs of the legal profession in New York City and beyond. Russo sees huge potential for further growth. “Market preference is for stenographers and our competitors claim they can’t find any. This puts our company in an amazing position.”

Asked to expound on that statement, Russo continued, “Attorneys want stenographic court reporters. We are willing to do what others cannot and find them for you.” Seemingly Russo, a stenographic court reporter himself, is in the perfect position to recruit enough stenographers to meet the needs of lawyers in New York.

Stenotype services are currently in high demand due to their application in court reporting, captioning, transcription, and the taking of meeting minutes by government agencies and large corporations. This is positive news for the rapidly-growing industry that has recently seen claims of an extreme need for consumer awareness.

Though the fear of a stenographer shortage forecasted by Ducker Worldwide has permeated the field in a big way, small firms like Russo’s are looking to allay that fear and lead consumers to superior service. 2022 is expected to be one of opportunity and expansion for many key players in the industry, and MGR is no exception.

For his company’s place in the industry, Marc says it’s all about treatment. “Treat people like people and the money takes care of itself. When people hire MGR, they know they’re getting back quality service from a company that really cares about the work we do.” The firm’s individualized approach to clients is what sets it apart and has caused its success. “With MGR, you’re not a number. Don’t be a victim of overbooking which is rampant in our field. Enjoy the individualized attention MGR offers all of its clients.”

Those seeking more information should contact MGR immediately.

Marc Russo
MGR Reporting
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