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Introducing Crypto Meditations

The set of a few minute crypto meditations that will cure anxiety and decrease stress in the always-changing crypto sphere.

These meditations are a combination of humor with the serious note. Crypto people will love it”
— Ayzd Developer
LONDON, UNITED KINGDON, October 18, 2021 / -- Today, Ayzd - NFT analytics tool launches the subproject: meditations for the crypto people. After carefully exploring the market, the team came to the conclusion that the crypto community needs a specific, dedicated way to release stress and balance mental health.

People in crypto know that the cryptocurrency world is full of emotional pendulums. One day the market is up 50%, on the other down 90%. Mental health can be drowning in these moments.

That is why the team behind Ayzd created a series of meditations for crypto people. The set of a few minute meditations could cure anxiety and decrease stress in the always-changing crypto sphere.

Meditations are divided into 4 categories for every situation that crypto people might encounter. Defi got exploited, marked crashes, NFT goes from 1 to 0 or someone is envious that one of their friends got lucky with some unknown crypto. These are the exact meditations topics that users will see:

•Meditation for the bear market. 4 Minute meditation that will put people back on the trading track. For the people that are anxious about the market going down and don’t know how to deal with the stress.

•Meditation for the NFT users. 3 Minute meditation that will help NFT community members to be calm about potential swings in the NFT market. Since the community is very new, some members need a way to deal with emotional difficulties

•Meditation against being envious. 4 Minute meditation that will help to cope with the fact that sometimes the crypto market is not rewarding the smartest or the most educated ones. Sometimes the luck plays its factor and this meditation will help to reduce a rush to envy other people.

•Meditation against the fear of Decentralized Finance application exploits. 5 Minute meditation will help in the situations when DeFi protocols might get exploited by hackers. Since DeFi is a very young niche even sophisticated investors like Mark Cuban sometimes fall into this trap.

These video meditations are completely free and are available on the website: where users will find 4 few-minute meditation videos, each one dedicated to a specific topic.

Meditations were made in the collaboration with professional voice-over artists and video-makers. “Even though this is a fun project, the aim was to deliver bespoke content to the crypto community,” says Ayzd product manager.

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