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U-Reach Develops Exclusive SSD Firmware Updating Technology with No Time-Consuming Reboots Between Updates

UReach company logo

UReach company logo

CHINO, CA, USA, October 6, 2021 / -- U-Reach Inc., the leading R&D manufacturer of duplicators in Taiwan, today announced its new and original SSD firmware update technology, which not only supports the production process of top-tier international SSD manufacturers such as Intel, Toshiba, WD and many others, but also substantially reduces manufacturing time and increases production capacity.

U-Reach spokesperson Liu Shihjung said that in view of the increasing demand for SSD applications in the global market at this stage, the amount of SSD consumption in 2020 has officially surpassed traditional hard drives. In addition, with past production methods unable to handle such a large volume of shipments, international SSD manufacturers urgently need to seek faster production methods to respond to the market's supply shortage.

U-Reach has long focused on the research and development as well as manufacturing of duplicators, especially on the development and application of firmware technology that controls the entire SSD. Complexity, high error-rate, and long production time are shortcomings in the existing production methods. In addition, when producing SSDs, it is currently necessary to run the firmware update function through a computer.

In addition, NVMe SSDs do not support hot-swapping, so it is more troublesome to perform firmware updates. Each time the SSD is replaced, the PC needs to be restarted, which adds a significant amount of time during mass production. Therefore, in releasing this technology, U-Reach has received high recognition and attention from the industry and hopes to, through the application of this technology, solve the current issue of insufficient SSD production.

As current SSD manufacturers such as Intel, Toshiba, WD, etc. face the issue of system compatibility, U-Reach’s unique SSD firmware update function automatically detects and works with SSDs including SATA and PCIe (NVMe) models. Regardless of the manufacturer's firmware system, the SSDs are compatible and can be updated. The exclusive technology of U-Reach currently supports file systems including bin, std, enc, flu, sig, rel, bet, and more, and the list keeps expanding.

U-Reach was established to help customers solve their problems. With its professional technical team, U-Reach will uphold the concept of scientific experimentation, continue to devote itself to the research and development of technologies, and cooperate with the current and potential industry partners. At the same time, U-Reach will also invite domestic and international distribution partners, hoping to jointly promote the products to the world and create more markets.

Since the release of the duplicator series and technologies, U-Reach has received high attention from international SSD manufacturers and has attracted orders from domestic and foreign sources. The performance of the related orders will be reflected in the monthly revenue and Q4 earnings report.

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U-Reach Group officially formed in 2002 in Taiwan and expanded globally to provide cutting-edge solutions to the rest of the world. With 20 years of experience, U-Reach Group specializes in the production of stable, high-speed data solution equipment, with a competitive product portfolio which includes duplication, inspection, and sanitization and covers DVD, Flash, HDD, SSDs, and M.2 SSDs.

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