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The Kansas Name Change Project


The Kansas Name Change Project provides free legal support to transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse Kansans seeking name changes and ID corrections. The project serves the entire state of Kansas. It provides the following services:

  • Representation in legal name changes to people living in Kansas
  • Support with gender marker changes on birth certificates for people born in Kansas
  • Support with gender marker changes and name changes on other federal and Kansas IDs, including Kansas drivers licenses, passports, social security documents, etc.
  • Drafting Powers of Attorney and Living Wills
  • Support with other legal matters like discrimination claims

Kansas Legal Services recognizes that for many trans people, name changes and ID corrections can be crucial steps in bringing your identity into alignment with your lived experience. This process is often expensive, complicated, and time-consuming.

The goal of the Kansas Name Change Project (KNCP) is to break down some of these barriers by ensuring all Kansans, regardless of income or location, have access to IDs that reflect their true identities.

The KNCP is dedicated to providing free, inclusive, affirming legal services to Kansas’ transgender and nonbinary communities.



You can apply for Kansas Name Change Project services online or toll-free by phone: 1-800-723-9953.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact KLS attorney Ellen Bertels at


Free Resources & Pro Se Forms

Kansas Legal Services also provides resources for people seeking to change their name and gender marker by themselves, or pro se. The following guides will walk you through the process of seeking a name change or gender marker change on your own:


  • Coming soon: Name and gender marker changes on Kansas drivers licenses