Wounded Healers Evolution Launches Wellness Workshop Series for Impacted Family & Friends in Loveland CO Area

Peer2Peer Workshop

Wounded Healers Evolution

CO Impacted Family & Friends

Wellness Workshop

Suicide attempt & loss survivors and impacted family members creating connection and empowerment at the same table

We have more in common than we think and have so much to teach one another”
— Cheryl Mlcoch
LOVELAND, CO, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Now more than ever there is a need a non-judgmental space for peer support for those who have experienced a suicidal crisis in one way or another. Suicide attempt survivors, suicide loss survivors and impacted family members further along the path (not in a current crisis) need a place to go for ongoing support to nurture their path to healing and improve the quality of their lives. Wounded Healers Evolution is setting up these workshops in the Loveland, Fort Collins, Windsor, Longmont, and Greeley to support and empower those impacted.

The premise is simple - if barriers can be removed, it can bring everyone together to one common, communal table. The conversation and workshop exercises can be uncomfortable at times, but it is long overdue to share and empower one another. There is typically more laughter than tears.

“We have more in common than we think and have so much to teach one another,” said Cheryl Mlcoch, the Colorado Coordinator for the workshops. The Impacted family & Friends Re-Energize & Re-Connect workshops were developed in Massachusetts in 2014, and are now available in New York, Missouri, Florida, Washington state, in addition to Colorado.

These wellness workshops have proven to help participants gain insight into each other's journeys in ways that are often described as “life-changing." They can collectively re-energize and re-charge your internal emotional and spiritual 'batteries' and then re-connect you with living life more fully while helping to save lives at the same time!

Participants need to be 18 and above and live in the Loveland, CO area. To register:

• RSVP Cheryl at cheryl@whevolution.com
• Meetings are every other Tuesday evening starting Sept. 14th
• Bring $5.00 (helps cover supplies)
• Bring your own pen or pencil
• Bring a mask (in case it is required for safety reasons)
• Invite a friend

Break the Silence. Suicide attempt survivors, loss survivors and impacted family members and close have so much to offer each other than most are aware. Please join us and empower others. #BeHereTomorrrow

WHO: Facilitator: Cheryl Mlcoch, LPC; Lived Experience Advocate; Colorado Coordinator for Impacted Family & Friends (IFF)/A Voice at the Table; Suicide attempt & loss survivor and impacted family member

WHAT: Peer2Peer workshop series to help those with lived experience Re-Energize & Re-Connect

WHEN: Every other Tuesday. Next session is 9/28/21 7pm – 8:30pm MT

WHERE: Loveland Athletic Club, 1000 S. Lincoln Ave., Loveland, CO

HOW: RSVP to cheryl@whevolution.com



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