Colorado Springs Realtor® Sallyanne Holmes Earned Her Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification

When Military Veterans and their families work with me, I guide them, listen to their needs and, most importantly, I am honest with them.”
— Sallyanne Holmes
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA, September 21, 2021 / -- Sallyanne Holmes is an accomplished independent Real Estate Agent at Homestead Properties in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Sallyanne was born in Durban, South Africa, and grew up on a sugar cane farm. South Africa only got their first TVs, with test stations in 1976, so she had no television growing up; she used to listen to the radio every evening with her parents – to game shows, quiz shows, cops and robbers, and the like. Many, many hours were spent at the private farm beach and lagoons. Weekends were mostly spent with her two older brothers, dodging crocodiles and water snakes, reading books or running up and down the sugar cane breaks, catching bats in the banana leaves for fun – catch and release, of course. Going to the movies was a privilege and everyone would dress up, as they did for church or weddings.

High-heels or denim was a no-go and, with her first pay cheque, she purchased her first pair of high heels at the ripe old age of 19. Times were different then but it did her no harm, as far as she is concerned.

Sallyanne’s parents were from Kent, England. Her dad fought during WWII, R.A.F and her mom worked at the home office and ‘kept the home fires burning.’ During the Great Depression, like everywhere else, Britain experienced serious unemployment problems. She recalls, “At that time, South Africa was crying out to them; it was the ‘land of milk and honey,’” so her parents, through the 1820’s Settlers movement, moved to South Africa, where she was born.

Sallyanne spent her school years in the Province of Natal – now known as Kwa-Zulu Natal, a predominantly English-speaking province of South Africa with a large Zulu contingency. This province is where the King of the Zulus resides. She graduated from Stanger High School and went on to study at a Durban technical college before joining the work force.

Sallyanne then moved to Zimbabwe in 1979, which she loved. “The people were very different there. The bush war was still in full swing but the people, regardless of color, creed or religion, were very friendly.” She ended up living there until 1984, where she did a lot of ‘temp’ work for agencies, so she is no stranger to meeting and working with ‘strangers’ who became friends. She met her husband, David, there and moved back to South Africa in 1984 and she is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Candice and Tanya (and now two VIPs, Chace and Cambria). David and Sallyanne started a business together, Fibrevan/Natal Jeeps, where David replaced metal bodies with fiberglass bodies, and where she was the ‘front man.’

Sallyanne and her family then moved to the United Kingdom, where in Lewes, East Sussex, they owned a corner store. She loved the people who came to visit every day – “If you want to know what’s going on in town, just own a corner store.” The weather proved to be a negative for the family. They were used to sunshine 360 days a year and so the wheels were set in motion to move to the United States. This took four long, expensive years but finally, the day arrived where they were interviewed at the U.S. Consulate in London. They were accepted and eventually issued Green Cards in 2000. They ended up in Colorado Springs. She recalls, “It took me quite a while for me to acclimate myself to this new environment. Driving my girls to school in the dark, with the snow falling, was an adventure! I did a temp assignment for a law firm but it was not what my soul was searching for. My girls were growing up and I wanted more flexibility to be there for them, so I decided to get into Real Estate. This not only gave me an opportunity to discover all areas of Colorado Springs and meet new people but it still challenges and tests my mind on a daily basis. It is my passion and my hobby.”

Over the years, Sallyanne has built up an impressive portfolio of lenders, inspectors, electricians, and HVAC consultants. Her lenders are very experienced with VA, including VA construction loans.

Even though she lives in Colorado, Sallyanne owns two successful rentals in South Carolina, which she manages herself so she has hands-on experience with rentals as well. Whether you are looking to rent, find a property manager, or even manage it yourself, you’re in good hands with her guidance and assistance in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. “I grew up in an environment where my young school friends were called to duty the moment they left school – with no other option. I also know how tough it is to travel from continent to continent and I want my clients to know that I’ve got their back. When they work with me, I guide them, listen to their needs and, most importantly, I am honest with them. This is one of the reasons I got my Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification. It is imperative that our Military members work with a realtor who understands the PCS timelines, the stress of moving, and the VA loan. For me, one of the most important aspects of Real Estate is mutual trust. Get to know the Realtor you are working with; ask him or her questions. A little-known fact is that, as a buyer, you do not pay for my services in the State of Colorado.”

Sallyanne lives in Colorado Springs but also services Monument, Peyton, Falcon, Palmer Lake, Manitou Springs, Woodland Park, Florissant, Fountain and Pueblo.

Colorado Springs is one of the most active Military towns in the country. It is host to: Peterson Space Force Base; Schriever Space Force Base; Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station; Fort Carson and The United States Air Force Academy

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