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Premium Affiliate Marketing Forum iAmAffiliate Launches Its Free YouTube Channel

top affiliate marketing forum iamaffiliate

top affiliate marketing forum iamaffiliate

The #1 Affiliate Marketing Educational Training School is Now On Youtube

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 22, 2021 / -- The popular affiliate marketing premium forum iAmAffiliate announced today that they are launching a new YouTube channel. This channel is supposed to introduce new customers to the platform as well as give existing customers a new place to learn and get informed on affiliate marketing, paid ads, and online advertising.

This initiative is part of iAmAffiliate’s strategy to stay the best place for affiliate marketing news, guides, and tricks on the web.

iAmAffiliate is the #1 affiliate premium forum on the market. Thousands of users log into the platform each day, where they share their experiences, knowledge, and questions. Users of the forum are constantly creating new and interesting topics about various industry developments. Here users have created a place where they can follow guides, tutorials, and case studies that can take their business to the next level. The management behind iAmAffiliate decided to utilize this content to provide more people with valuable knowledge, even outside the forums.

“iAmAffiliate is constantly growing and improving its business practices to maximize its online presence. The new YouTube channel is supposed to introduce new audiences to our work and help affiliates learn about the topics that the forums cover,” says iAmAttila, the CEO of iAmAffiliate. “Our audience showed great interest in new ways to learn industry secrets and tips about affiliate marketing, paid ads, CPA marketing, PPC ads, other topics through popular video platforms like YouTube and we decided to respond to these requests.”

The iAmAffiliate channel will focus its content towards helpful guides and tutorials on the most popular marketing trends. The popular forums are planning to cover topics related to affiliate platforms, networks, tools, and advertising methods.

Questions like “How to utilize Taboola, Outbrain, RedTrack, and others for your marketing efforts”, “What are the advantages to CPA marketing, PPC ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, and Native ads?” will all be covered in detail.

Users can even get 1 on 1 help from super affiliates like iAmAttila and others active in the industry. Within the forum, all of the information is up to date, and the lively community answers all questions related to online ad campaigns.

All of this is made even better by the launch of the new YouTube channel!

free tutorials, guides, and tips for PPC, CPA, Facebook Ads, and many more will be uploaded weekly to the pleasure of all fans! The video content is designed to help those looking to learn more about online marketing as well as those who may already have some experience with it.

Topics such as keyword research, planning campaigns, and other essential aspects of a successful online advertising strategy will also be covered in detail. There will also be giveaways, discounts, and sharing of some of the best tools for affiliate marketing. Some of the industry’s biggest names are joining iAmAffiliate forum on this journey to ensure everything gets to the quality standard that it needs to be at.

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