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Torres Water Company Offers Free Water Analysis to Greater New Orleans Area Residents and Businesses

Torres Water Company

Torres Water has provided water filtration services in Southeast Louisiana for over 30 years.

Calcium and minerals build up in pipes causes appliance failure.

Torres Water Company offers a Free Water Analysis - valued at $ 125.

Reverse Osmosis filters your drinking water.

Julio Torres explains how water filtration works.

Local company seeks to educate residents and businesses about clean water after numerous boil water advisories were issued throughout Southeastern Louisiana.

Torres Water Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of water for consumption and use for our customers to aid their immune systems.”
— Julio Torres, owner of Torres Water Company
NEW ORLEANS, LA, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2021 / -- Julio Torres, CEO of Torres Water Company, offered his expertise to assist local Louisianians at no charge to do his part and give back to his community after Hurricane Ida. After witnessing the many boil water advisories issued to parishes and cities, the water filtration and purification company will continue its free water analysis for homes and businesses, valued at $125.

Torres Water has provided water filtration services in Southeast Louisiana for over 30 years. "Torres Water Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of water for consumption and use for our customers to aid
their immune systems," Torres said. He further explained that his filtration systems help keep customers healthy through "the removal of toxic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, microorganisms, and carcinogens that are
present in the Southeast Louisiana water supply." Through Puronics water purification and filter products, Torres Water guarantees its customers receive only the best drinking water available.

With the reverse osmosis system offered by Torres Water, customers will never need to boil water again. Reverse osmosis is a technique used by many companies, for example, NASA and Coca-Cola. These systems can provide high-quality water at your convenience by using a membrane that filters water down to .0005 of a micron. That is five ten thousandths of a micron! Comparatively speaking, the smallest bacterium is 0.2 microns in size, and
the smallest virus is 0.02 microns in size. As these cannot pass through the filter's membrane, the result is the highest water quality. This process also removes other pollutants, heavy metals, inorganics, and microorganisms. The reverse osmosis system also removes pharmaceuticals.

Torres Water Company can install water filtration systems in the kitchen, garage, attic, laundry room, and more. During new construction, homeowners can choose to install a centrally located system. This allows the ability to run lines anywhere reverse osmosis water is wanted like a kitchen sink, refrigerator, ice maker, coffee maker, wet bar, and more.

Softened, filtered water is much kinder to the skin due to its lower calcium and magnesium content. Though not a guaranteed cure, many Torres customers with treatable skin conditions have discovered that softer water
reduces their symptoms. The water filtration systems significantly helped those with skin conditions such as eczema. "Our water filtration systems produce drinking better tasting, odor-free water that keep your skin and hair healthy, help save your appliances and save you money because you will require less soap/detergent to clean," Torres said.

In business for over 39 years, Torres Water has installed water filtration systems in businesses throughout Southeast Louisiana. "Especially with our restaurant owners, clean water is vital to their success. We find the
number one issue is how the calcium and mineral build up in their pipes affect their ice makers and dishwashers, which can cause disruption to their profits," Torres says. Restaurant owners, such as Alex Fein, of The Court of Two Sisters Restaurant, Mark DeFelice, Chef and owner of Pascal's Manale Restaurant and Mike Delahoussaye, owner of the Tic Toc Cafe, have provided client testimonials on behalf of Torres Water Company. To learn about the benefits of reverse osmosis water or to schedule a complimentary water analysis and consultation, customers can visit

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Alex Fien, Owner of The Court of Two Sisters Restaurant gives a Customer Testimonial for Torres Water Company