The Ravens have descended & novel, "THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES: The Night Professor" receives "5"- Stars from Abroad

The True meaning behind "Ravens"

Book Beta-Reader & Review AJ Roberts (UK) given The Rennington Chronicles 5-Stars

The Rennington Chronicles: The Night Professor-Book Cover

RC - The Nigh Professor - Book Cover

The Ravens have spoken & the verdict is in. “THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES”-Night Professor is the must-read paranormal romance of 2021… see why!

“You are never too small to make a difference.” - Greta Thunberg (Environmental Activist)”
— "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" (Teen Titans Go - RAVEN)
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 / -- THE RAVENS HAVE FINALLY DESCENDED, but I'm not talking about the beautiful, blackbirds known for their mythical premise in antiquity; nor for their elite mail-carrying abilities. I'm specifically speaking about two 'Raven-Rouge' writers and professional reviewers (from the UK no less) that have issued their respective praises for the novel (THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES), since their discovery of it.

Initially, the author received some mixed criticisms based on why this book is multi-genre[d]? Why a paranormal-thriller romance, if the premise of the novel is well, a love story? But after some healthy and professional dialogue, the author assured potential readers from abroad that life is not black and white, no matter how much you want it to be. We live in a multifaceted world where everything, from one's diet to your sexual orientation is no longer restricted by any fascistic norms you use. Think upon it; the alphabets (of love) keep evolving because people keep evolving. We are no longer behaving by rules preordained by some 'powers-that-be hovering over us, unseen. We're operating via our own codes; to such, this multicultural author sat down one day and took all of her past research, life experiences, and sophistication, weaving each delightful nugget of gold into the novels that (would) later evolve into THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES. Hence the multi-genre.

As shared by British Book Reviewer (AJ Roberts), "This adrenaline-laced yet passionate novel will encapsulate your mind and soul". She continues by saying, "Author PF Felix takes you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions via her novel. The Night Professor has a deep line-up of captivating characters with an unpredictable nature in a place where danger and desire are successfully merged". When PF reached out to the lovely beta reader/reviewer, to extend gratitude (and prize offering…) for the lusciously written review. Then, after a wonderful (off-record) chat, held by Ms. Roberts, she asked, "what is the intended scheme behind this novel?" Author PF Felix confessed that the story is based on three tragic biblical tales that focus on strong female (spiritual) characters that turned their troubles into triumph. Being a modern-day feminist, PF seized the opportunity to churn these juicy bits of truth into her novel but applied a realistic lens that reflects today's political and socio-economic situations. On another delightful note, another reviewer and writer (V. Raven), and yes that is her name, reached out shedding praises and support for the novel’s strong female lead and accuracy with regards to providing a proper explanation to ‘The Craft’ and those who employ it. Both women’s excessive loving support for the novel is the very reason why PF became a writer. “My goal is to enchant you with what I know, not draw you down rabbit holes that confuse or blind… but provide actual truths to help you grow and refine”, says Felix.”

But surprisingly to the author, she noticed something delightfully unusual about her intelligent and lovely reviewers. As elated as PF is in receiving accolades for her work, she quickly realized both reviewers had the hair color of ‘raven-rouge’, just like the protagonist in her novel. “Can you believe it?”, said PF. It’s no secret, PF has always had a soft spot for redheads. The story’s protagonist has this physical attribute for a reason, and her attributes have never deviated from the script, as to why. “Know that I’m not conflating my obsession for raven (the fowl) and raven-rouge (the color); however, ravens are very intelligent creatures with superb adaptation skills and insights. They are highly revered in magic for their cunning and wicked adaptabilities, and well, they are the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen” says the author. “Having traveled, it would seem that every person I’ve met with this hair color seemed to exude those qualities, too. Is it a coincidence; perhaps but I’ll take it for what it is because I love it”, she concludes? And yes, as you might have guessed, PF’s favorite American Football team is the B-more Ravens… and she loves to watch the hilarious cartoon, “Teen Titans” with her kids with her favorite character being (well, you know). “I guess I’m a fan, but don’t sue me or I’ll sic’ my Ravens on you (haha)”, says author PF.

PF FELIX was born in the West Indies but now resides in the US, Bay Area. THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES: (Book 1: “The Night Professor”) is her debut novel and the first of THE RENNINGTON CHRONICLES series. PF has worked for many notable industries; however, her true passion is in writing paranormal, romance-thrillers that reflect the true dark-horses inside each and every one of us. Even those clinging to piety.

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