MarkiTech offers AI Software Development, Data Analytics & Predictive Modelling for Healthcare Companies

We have developed several apps and software and portals that ultimately help families live a healthier,consistent and a less stressful lifestyle by collecting, analyzing and predicting health outcomes”
— Nauman Jaffar, CEO and Founder of MarkiTech.

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MarkiTech is a North American based AI and digital transformation company focused on healthcare innovation, featuring various AI solutions in the world of digital health offers AI Software Development, Data Analytics & Predictive Modelling for Healthcare Companies in North America - Calls for Clients

Primarily, we provide services such as development of custom AI applications and prototypes, innovative end-to-end solutions leveraging AI/5G/Cloud/IoT, creative UI/UX designs, iOS/Android mobile/web & wearable app development, as well as staff augmentation tools and training programs.

Over the last 5 years - we have collected and converged disparate health and wellness data using the digital twin concept into holistic and actionable views of individuals and organizations using our proprietary platform called SenSights.AI.

The company has developed solutions for major Fortune 500 companies like TELUS, PWC, RBC, Rogers / Shaw and many more SME / Startups and also is a hub for six healthcare AI solutions used to collect and analyze data such as, CareFall, Veyetals, Safe2Work, Your Doctors Online, Sensights.AI, and

Here are some of the many things that our companies/AI apps collect, analyze & predict data do:
Predicts seniors falling and help build confidence in seniors
Help seniors check their vitals such as, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, mental stress predicting if they might have an infection or deteriorating health
Predicts for diabetes patients which chronic disease they are most likely to have based on their current lifestyle so it can be avoided
Infection prevention control so employees can be at work in a safe manner
Telemedicine: connect healthcare professionals with a patient online, which alleviates the pressure of in-person meetings, waitlists, and then finally predicting possible health challenges based on a series of chats with physicians.

MarkiTech is a leading AI software development and analytics company in the growth stage of our businesses that want to connect and integrate these apps into their platforms and stores within the healthcare industry. We are agile, cost efficient, have a startup culture, and create prototypes, integrate any open API device or sensor and / or EMR / EHR within a 2-4 weeks turnaround.

Our CALL TO ACTION is to have business leaders like Chief Scientists, Chief Clinical Officers, Director Nursing, Founders, Co-Founders, CTOs, Managers, Data Scientists, Physicians, Vice Presidents, Owners, Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Directors etc., within the healthcare industry partner with us and integrate our services & platforms into their systems.

We want to ensure that healthcare companies can partner their application, AI development services plus analytics & prediction models to MarkiTech as we have experience, knowledge, easy platforms and tools to use towards their patients and clients in the healthcare industry. We would love to hear from you and would be more than happy for you to talk further with the Founder and CEO, Nauman Jaffar.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Nauman Jaffar, CEO (416) 684 2678 or Alternatively, you can book time in his calendar

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