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Aussie Mom Fights Back Against COVID Isolation and Depression

Olga Sokol

Featured in Tycoon Magazine

Isolation, loss of income and fear are triggering mental health conditions or exacerbating existing ones as Sydney is still being forced into lock-down.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, September 15, 2021 / -- Olga Sokol is often seen in front of the camera, on location shoots for well-known brands such as ‘Fendi’ or ‘Burberry’ in Sydney of live streaming her very popular Pilates classes via social media. While she builds her name and reputation in Australia as a model, actress and fitness instructor. Sokol has some positive advice for the millions locked up in there homes living out some of the harshest Covid Laws implemented across Australia now in its fifth Month.

Sokol agrees with most when asked about anxiety and hopelessness in our Covid situation."you’re right, hopelessness is something you might feel when you get more and more restrictions every week as we have in Sydney , Australia with many restrictions like booty calls acceptable but visiting family a criminal offense (laughing). As educated and aware people, we should remember a 'distractive' feeling helps nothing! We're much better to concentrate on how can we get through these unprecedented times with less stress and max productivity". Smiled Sokol.

Olga Sokol has so much experience in acting, theater and modelling and as a mother, wife and Pilates Instructor could she offer any professional recommendations to improving mental well-being during our Covid crisis? Her reply was so positive. "As many other people I had great plans when the lock-down started. Month ago we were supposed to start rehearsals of a large musical where I’m playing one of major role. I had several commercial contracts and so on. Unfortunately due to miss management of the quarantine process for Covid positive cases in Sydney , things became unpredictable. Since June until now (and probably until November) Sydney is in a strict lock-down and in many areas Curfews apply after 9pm."

"As a mother in her late 30's with pre-teens and wife I have huge responsibilities to maintain a positive environment in the house", said Sokol who went on to say,"to do this I knew I needed to firstly make sure my own mental and physical state is well. It’s like being on the airplane ( some of us still remember what that feels like) – you are always told in case of emergency, first put the oxygen mask on yourself and then you will be able to help those around you so my first and strongest advice to everyone would be – comfort yourself first, find those little things that cheer and relax you. It could be morning walk, quick work out or just a cup of coffee. Make sure you have those little pleasure moments of your own every day. Secondly – Keep your routine in control. Even though we all required to stay at home these days and not rushing to offices or schools, manage your time. Wake up early, have your days organized for work or home schooling, meals, physical activity and rest time. The easiest way to do it is to make a timetable", said Sokol.

"Prioritize things,perfectionists out there need to learn to prioritize (laughing). You can't do everything at once nor should you. By trying to do your best as a parent, professional, friend and a house keeper you definitely will be well and truly worn out very quickly. Remember – your positive spirit is vital for people around and if tonight you feel like relaxing in front of the TV instead of cooking let the family enjoy pizza take away (laughing). Keep yourself busy. Studying, gardening, crafting. What ever you were thinking of doing if you ever had more spare time. Here is your chance to create goals! Getting results will motivate you to keep on track. My personal goals for this lock-down are to transfer 50% of my Pilates classes into online regime and stay in shape of course (laughing). The lock-down will be over sooner or later and I want to be fully prepared for the next chapter of my life," said Sokol.

I asked Olga about 'Calories V's Energy' where 'Netflix in Chocolates' are changing the way we even look and feel as our self esteem plummets and can she offer advise? "Talking about diet we must admit that the golden rule of weight control 'spend more energy than you consume,' doesn’t work as well in lock down times but you need to try. In edition to closed gyms we are very restricted in public movement and that means we must reconsider what and how much we eat. Out of many variations of dieting I’ve found myself comfortable with intermediate fasting 8/16 hours. You really need to look closely at your plate these days. It’s hard to give recommendations to every individual but you should cut your snacks and nibbles in between meals and no chips or ice-cream in front of the TV at night (laughs)", explained Sokol who went on to say, "most of us cannot do sport the way we used to but there is always an opportunity for a small work out even in your living room. My Pilates online sessions are getting more and more popular as people realize the importance of physical activity these days. For 45 minutes we work on breathing, posture, main joints mobility, muscles stretch and blood circulation. This is that vital minimum that everyone must do couple of days a week. So don’t wait and book a session of Pilates online no matter who it is, it works!"

Sokol has recently been featured in one of the Pacific Rims largest business Magazines 'Tycoon' with many heartfelt tips to surviving Covid Stress focused at the everyday citizen who needs to be reminded ' Never Give Up On Yourself' CEO of Tycoon Magazines Sanjeev Jain said," More business magazines need to focus on 'Health and Well-Being."

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