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2021-09-14 11:29:39.53 $5.9 Million Winner: 'We Won The Lotto!'

2021-09-14 11:29:39.53

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A St. Louis County resident and longtime Missouri Lottery player has claimed the $5.9 million Lotto jackpot from the Sept. 1 drawing. The winning numbers drawn were 2, 12, 18, 21, 29 and 32.

The winner said she tends to pick up a Lotto Quick Pick ticket whenever she thinks of it. On this occasion, she purchased her ticket at On The Run, 9401 Manchester Road, in Rock Hill.

The night of the drawing, she decided to check some of her tickets before bed.

“It was the last one I checked,” she said of her winning ticket. “I looked at the first couple of numbers, and I thought, ‘Oh, goody – I’ve won some money.’ Then I kept going, and I thought, ‘I won the whole thing!’”

The win was too exciting to put off sharing until the morning, she said.

“I woke up my daughter and I said, ‘We won the Lotto!’”

The $5.9 million jackpot is the third and largest won so far in 2021. To date, Lotto players have won more than $15 million in total prizes this year.