Co-Author Enna Jimenez Talks About "Growing with Resilience" In New Book Extraordinary Latinas

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Enna Jimenez

New book elevates the voice of 12 Extraordinary Latinas who through resilience, courage & action have opened the way for other Latinas to rise.

It is important to take risks, follow your dreams, be driven, lead with passion and be authentic and intentional in everything you do!”
— Enna Jimenez

MASSACHUSETTS, USA, September 27, 2021 / -- Enna is an Award-Winning Change Champion who has over 30 years in multiple industries with expertise in Leadership, Technology, and Transformation Management. Currently, Enna is the Head of the Quality Assurance team at IDEMIA. The March edition of Hispanic Executive magazine featured Enna as one of the 2021 Leading Latinas. In addition, Enna received the Emerging Leaders in Technology and Engineering (E.L.I.T.E.) Award from NSBE Boston Professionals. Dr. Lynn Wooten, President of Simmons University appointed Enna as the Presidential Adviser for Alumni Engagement. Enna sits on various boards such as ALPFA National Board of Directors, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Women’s Advisory Board, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Eastern MA.

Giving back to the community was instilled into Enna’s values from a very young age, so she knew she wanted to live through those values as an adult. She was encouraged to join a career in computer science, and she credits her high school counselor for starting her off on a journey of service. “I was brought up with the thought that nothing was impossible, that you can achieve all of your dreams if you work hard. My parents instilled key values in us from a very young age such as the sense of giving back to the community, being resilient, having passion and drive towards accomplishing your dreams. These things have been at the core of everything that I've done throughout my life.”

She fully immersed herself in her career, learning everything she could from mentors and leadership, later applying what she’d learned to successfully work up to senior management. She connects with fellow Latina women and shows the resilience that is part of the culture. Discussing how important it is to follow dreams, and take risks. How being intentional and passionate in everything we do will bring your happiness and success. “I love connecting with others and sharing my expertise with women, and specifically Latina women. For me, it’s all about resiliency. It is important to take risks, follow your dreams, be driven, lead with passion and be authentic and intentional in everything you do!”

She constantly reminds other women to be aware of who they surround themselves with. From mentors to sponsors, to connections to her next career step, she firmly believes that having a strong network has been critical to open the doors to paths she never thought to explore. “My advice? Just genuinely get to know people and build honest relationships.”

Enna takes pride in her work celebrating the successes and learning from her mistakes. She believes that things happen for a reason and every experience, every failure has prepared her for the future, becoming stronger every time. “I’ve learned to lift my head up high and be proud of the work I've done, even when things may not turn out the way you anticipated. Everyone fails many times, but it's the number of times you get up that counts. Never give up, keep trying and you will find success.”

Read more about Enna’s journey in the powerful new book Extraordinary Latinas: Powerful Voices of Resilience, Courage & Empowerment at, by Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, the Author, Transformation Strategy Coach, and Hispanic Advocate passionate about helping women elevate their voice and thrive. The book highlights 12 Extraordinary Latinas who, through their courage, resilience, and action, have driven positive impact and opened the way for other Latinas and women to rise.

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About Extraordinary Latinas
Extraordinary Latinas aim to inspire and empower. Through the collection of personal experiences from 12 extraordinary Latinas, we hope to provide the encouragement, grit, and power to stand up and elevate the reader's voice to achieve whatever they put their mind to. To know they are not alone. Whether they feel like the only one in their circle, community, company, or industry, they can find in Extraordinary Latinas a group of powerful women that have gone through similar experiences and will help them step up, and find their voice through power, presence, and representation to make an impact in their personal and professional life.

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