Succession Workshop Will Help Family-Run Businesses Secure Their Legacies

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Succession planning is more important than ever to ensure business legacies.

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Denise Meridith is CEO of the World's Best Connectors, a virtual community of executives and a lifelong movie fan.

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Family-owned businesses are important to the economy. The Succession: Next Up? workshop on September 25, 2021 in Tempe, Arizona, will help business owners with planning their successions.

World's Best Connectors will wrap up their Business of Recovery Series with a Workshop on Succession Planning

Succession is a topic people are afraid to discuss or think they do not have time to worry about. But, as we found out last year, it is never too early to be concerned about your legacy.”
— Denise Meridith
PHOENIX, AZ, USA, September 12, 2021 / -- In June 2021, The Economic Tracker, which provides data about real-time economic trends, reported that there were 37% fewer businesses in the US than before the pandemic. Some people may have been shocked to hear this. Here in Arizona, which is heavily reliant on hospitality, retail, sports, and other tourism-related activities, people may not have been surprised, after so many experienced this firsthand. The World’s Best Connectors (WBC), a virtual community of C-Suite executives, who help other executives improve connections to family, employees, clients, government, and the media, has devoted 2021 to helping companies recover. WBC will address this issue of succession planning with CEOs and business owners at its last workshop of the year: Succession: Next Up? On September 25, 2021.

Many family-run businesses, in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, suffered or failed as patriarchs or matriarchs fell ill or died. Meanwhile, non-family businesses were thrown into turmoil when CEOs and owners suddenly decided to retire, merge, or close shop.

“Succession is a topic people are afraid to discuss or think they do not have time to worry about,” says Denise Meridith, CEO OF WBC. “But, as we found out last year, it is never too early to be concerned about your legacy.”

The live workshop will discuss what is happening to businesses and business owners in Arizona; the importance of sustaining family-owned businesses; what needs to be considered and what should be avoided when setting up a succession plan for both corporations and small businesses; and, most importantly, how, and where to get help.

There will be live and Zoom presentations from Jerry Colangelo, Congressman Greg Stanton, Kiva Couchon (Arizona Office of Tourism), Vada Manager (former Nike executive and CEO of Manager Global Consulting), Shruti Gurudanti (Rose Law Group), Jonathan Mason (Jentry Search Academy), and other private and government agencies. ADP, Denise Meridith Consultants Inc, and are sponsors for the event.

SUCCESSION: NEXT UP? will be at Mac6 Coworking Spaces at 1430 W Broadway, Ste 201, Tempe, Arizona. Due to COVID precautions, seating will be limited, reservations must be made in advance, and masks will be required. So attendees need to register right away at

“If you want to ensure that your dream company continues to benefit your family and your employees, or you, yourself, is a potential successor, or a corporation has entrusted you with the responsibility to recover and sustain operations into future decades,” says Meridith, “It will be worth your time to meet and hear from those who have been through what you are or will be going through."

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