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Lombardi Calls On Kinzinger To Switch To Democratic Party

Says Kinzinger No Longer Represents The Values of The Sixteenth District and The Republican Party

Adam, it is time for you to go. The Sixteenth District and America cannot afford you in Congress supporting Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar. ”
— Jac Lombardi

MANHATTAN, IL, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2021 / -- Today, Jack Lombardi, Republican Congressional candidate for Illinois’ 16th Congressional District called on Adam Kinzinger to switch to the Democratic Party in light of his comments on CNN that he doesn’t think the Republican Party should win the majority in the United States House in 2022. Lombardi said it is clear from Kinzinger’s comments that he no longer represents the interests of the Sixteenth District nor Republican values. Rather Lombardi said, Kinzinger has gone out of his way to oppose Republicans while supporting Nancy Pelosi and the far left from their impeachment of Donald Trump to their sham January 6th Commission. This is not the Adam Kinzinger that the voters of the Sixteenth District elected. Lombardi said, Kinzinger should drop the charade and just switch to the Democratic Party.

“Adam Kinzinger doesn’t want Republicans to win back the House in 2022,” said Jack Lombardi. “Let’s look at what the consequences will be if we don’t win back the House from the Democrats. A Democratic House in 2022 will mean the Green New Deal that will force countless small business to go bankrupt; higher taxes for working families, critical race theory in our schools, defunding the police, appeasement of terrorists and foreign adversaries like China and Russia, runaway inflation, and a continued border crisis. Adam Kinzinger may support these things, but I don’t and I will oppose them and fight for the values of the Sixteenth District in Congress unlike the incumbent.

“Adam, it is time for you to go,” concluded Lombardi. “The Sixteenth District and America cannot afford you in Congress supporting Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar.”

Lombardi Background
Lombardi’s story is that of an ordinary Chicagoan with exceptional zeal who broke the norm, building a better life with the resources he had at hand. Today, he is a successful businessman with vast experience in leading diverse teams to a common goal of success.

A natural entrepreneur, Lombardi earned his first money at age 8 selling soda on a neighborhood street corner. He started his first business, Lombardi Trucking, by age 22 and has never looked back. Currently, Lombardi owns Chicago's premiere digital marketing company and runs multiple internet companies.

Born and bred on Chicago's southwest side, Lombardi went to nearby St. Laurence High School and later attended Northwestern Business College. He is proud to be the husband of Sharon Lombardi and father of his son Jack III and daughter, Summer.

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