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Nancy Clairmont Carr: Business Growth From The Inside Out

Nancy Clairmont Carr

The Joy Effect

Nancy Clairmont Carr helps businesses to grow through conscious leadership and empowered teams.

My dream is to create higher-conscious business leaders across the globe. Higher consciousness creates higher profitability, along with more joy and freedom throughout your life.”
— Nancy Clairmont Carr
FORT MYERS , FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , September 13, 2021 / -- Transformation expert Nancy Clairmont Carr accelerates business growth and impact through conscious leadership and empowered teams. Through her work, she helps executives, business owners, and professionals optimize their personal energy blueprint, develop ideal strategy and create sustainable high-performance habits.

Proof of Clairmont Carr’s success in using conscious leadership to transform leaders and businesses is shared in “Brilliant Breakthroughs For The Small Business Owner, Volume 2”, a #1 bestselling business book, where she discusses growth strategies and her key concept “Higher Consciousness Creates Higher Profitability”.

In 2015, Nancy started The Joy-Effect, a transformation coaching and consulting business. She draws from her executive management and business strategy experience, and her entrepreneurial work with health coaching and personal blueprint optimization- a pioneering concept of transforming past experiences and elevating one’s consciousness to guide their path with optimal solutions.

“My dream is to create higher conscious business leaders across the globe and have them help their people transcend too. Higher consciousness creates higher profitability, along with more joy and freedom throughout your life. You can double and triple your business growth without focusing on changing major areas within your business. “

“To change your outer world, you have to change what is inside. It does not work to focus on what’s wrong externally,” said Clairmont Carr, speaking on the Billionaires in Boxers Global Podcast with Phil Pelucha. “To change my world, I had to release all energy patterns that blocked me and bring in energy that supported my purpose.”

When people are not achieving outstanding progress in their work, many will blame external factors such as a lack of support or a restrictive work environment. Nancy believes all solutions are found within and learning to develop higher consciousness and strong intuition will provide optimal solutions at all times.

“People often don’t dig down to the real issues to understand how to turn things around. You usually don’t need to change your boss or your team. You need to clear your internal unsupportive energy blueprint. You may have sufficient support around you but may feel unworthy of asking for help or investing in yourself,” Nancy said.

She shared a few client examples of accelerated growth through personal transformation. Each client had to address a few key restrictive internal patterns, which facilitated changes in consciousness, provided access to optimal solutions, brought accelerated financial returns and more joy, abundance, and freedom in their work and personal lives.

Along with significant financial returns, reaching emotional satisfaction from their transformation is what Nancy Clairmont Carr seeks for her clients and what inspires her every time.

Her process includes developing optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. She has found that aligning these three areas is critical for vitality and sustainability. “If you don’t optimize your health, you won’t be around long enough to achieve your purpose. You must eliminate distractions that drain your energy and incorporate strategies that expand it. Managing your energy is an ongoing process,” said Clairmont Carr.

Developing a higher consciousness will not only benefit your own life and decision-making processes, but it will also positively impact your personal relationships. Your energy will be felt and mirrored by the people with whom you interact.

“People feel the trust that emanates from you. They connect with you and feel that what you say is true, valuable to them and they want more of it” Nancy shared. “I deliver freedom. We currently live in a pretty chaotic world, and having the ability to remove obstacles and make choices that create your desired future is what I call freedom,”

To get in touch with Nancy Clairmont Carr, visit her website,, where you can schedule a free 30-minute consultation with her. You can ask her any questions you want, and she will help you understand whether what you are doing is an optimal fit for you, and how to create the exact future you desire. Nancy Clairmont Carr is one of the few pioneers in her field that provides this opportunity. This conversation could be the catalyst to your transformation.

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