Skulduggery- Peasant Sex and Marriage in 17th Century Yorkshire

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Nominated for Best Indie Book Award

"Skulduggery is a historical fiction novel based on my family's known beginning, complete with mystery, romance, twists and turns and a whodunnit."

A different treat for lovers of historical fiction

"It's fate that we are speaking to our next guest, his name is Paul Brown and he combines his love for history, genealogy and fiction and takes us back in time where time will leave you. I'm telling you, you will not be able to put down really, one of his

Paul Rushworth-Brown on America Tonight with Kate Delaney

"We all know how famous the Bronte sisters are but I am sure Paul Rushworth-Brown – the 21st-century author ­– might soon be joining these literary giants."

Having the ability to research and describe what life may have been like gives my readers the ability to step back in time.”
— Paul Rushworth-Brown

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 6, 2021 / -- US | US National Times

"4 Stars **** Skulduggery, a different treat for lovers of historical fiction, an exciting and mysterious romp through the moors of 17th century Yorkshire, more specifically Haworth and Keighley. The story is a well-painted image of how 'copyholders' or peasants would have lived at this time but that is only the backdrop to a suspenseful whodunit with romantic tones. Modern writers usually don't know what it was like to live in the past but Rushworth-Brown has done this with great skill in this accomplished, atmospheric and thoughtful novel." (US | US National Times)

"The bleak Pennine moors of Yorkshire, a beautiful, harsh place close to the sky, rugged and rough, no boundaries except the horizon which in some places goes on forever. Green pastures and wayward hills, the colours of ochre, brown and pink in the Spring. Green squares divide the land on one side of the lane and on the other. Sheep with thick wool and dark snout dot the hills and dales. One room cruck cottages scattered, smoke billows out of some and not others. Dry stone walls divide and fall, a patchwork of green, green and greener. Long grasses whisper while swaying in the chilled wind, waiting for the summer months. As the sun goes down, the silvery beck glistens amongst the ghost-like trees that line the bank. The countryside sings its songs to the beat of the day, a chorus of echoes from the undulating hills. Clouds line the horizon and widen the gap between the blue and the moor." (Released 2021 Shawline Publishing).

English historical fiction author Paul Rushworth-Brown's 'Skulduggery' is available in the US and the UK as part of Shawline Publishing’s historical fiction line. He has appeared on America Tonight with Kate Delaney, the BBC with Sanchez Payne and 2RDJ-FM with Neil Lithgow in Australia.

The novel has already earned acclaim, with one reviewer describing it as “masterful and thoroughly enjoyable. A fascinating and wonderful example of historical fiction and the old-time romance and whodunit really added to the story. Thoroughly researched, it is written in such a way that puts you in the time and place." (Keighley News)

"Paul Rushworth-Brown’s book, set in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Yorkshire, is a convincingly raw and unvarnished account of life in those times. Once the story settled it was possible to warm to the characters, in particular Thomas and Agnes, as an arranged marriage leads to a touching love story. The dialect is not too off-putting and helps with the realistic feel to the author’s recreation of the times. Without mention of specific research sources in the book, it isn’t possible to check on the historical accuracy (and this is fiction in any event.) However, the account does have a very authentic ‘feel’ to it." (Goodreads review)

Paul Rushworth-Brown is a prolific author, having written 3 books in the last 3 years. 'Skulduggery' has been nominated for the annual Best Indie Book Award® (or BIBA®). 'Winter of Red' is to be released June 2022 and 'Dream of Courage' is to be released soon after. Paul's Novels are currently being queried by two major publishers in New York.

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Talking with author Paul Rushworth-Brown