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Senior focused AI Startup LocateMotion Inc. develops SenSights.AI

At this stage of start-up lifecycle, multiple activities have been completed at SenSights.AI in the last 24 months and is now raising its first $1.5 mill pre-seed.

SenSights Safe@Home Tablet Solution with Unique “Help” Voice recognition Avatar & Contactless Monitoring for Cognitively Challenged Seniors

A unique contactless remote monitoring SaaS solution with voice recognition avatar that engages patients & offers personalized interventions-Call to investors


During 2019-2021, LocateMotion Inc. headquartered in Toronto, Canada and also incorporated in Orlando, US, raised $1.0 million for research, development and collecting clinical data of its enterprise SaaS platform with key strategic clients, through evidence-based insights into cognitive decline of seniors and partnering with private home health, leading global brands such as Ryerson University, Durham Police, TELUS, VHA, CABHI, AWS, Sandra Home Health, Vayyar.

Using this non-dilutive funding, academic collaboration and our generous partnerships, was created to tackle the continuous disconnect of cognitive health in seniors.

The healthcare system is an ever-changing ecosystem, but as these changes are evolving there has also been major gaps within the sector. Therefore, SenSights.AI is leveraging AI, machine learning and voice recognition technology, which is being funded and developed by MarkiTech and its partners.

Due to the gaps within the healthcare sector, digital healthcare especially telehealth has become the epitome for the rise of IOT, smartphones, wearables, sensors and digital health apps, electronic health records, biometric trackers, and remote patient monitoring devices. The Voice enabled “Help” Avatar that engages cognitively challenges seniors is under development. Ultimately, this will increase the amount of quality and quantity data as also in a recent article on pitchbook.

Multiple uses of data through artificial intelligence have been used to generate and understand various levels of the declining health in seniors. For example, real-world data (RWD) represents pieces that when structured, analyzed, and put together correctly can reveal real-world evidence (RWE) that's useful for clinical trials, care provision, determining treatment outcomes, post-care safety monitoring, and much more.

SenSights Safe@Home Tablet Solution with Unique “Help” Voice recognition Avatar & Contactless Monitoring for Cognitively Challenged Seniors

Our SaaS platform analyzes and collects data into four types of four types of proprietary datasets securely, such as, biometric, behavioural, demographic and environmental to provide a digital twin of a senior. Once that is established, this information is provided to data scientists, clinical researchers, analytic platforms, and healthcare organizations, collecting data from healthcare apps, genetic tests, academic partnerships, ambient, IOT sensors, biometric devices, and EMR/EHR software.

“Our focus is to find evidence based data for cognitive decline that results in falls, Alzheimer and Dementia related events like wandering, loss of memory, weight etc., as we age so that we can potentially reverse or delay it soon helping seniors age in place gracefully” says Nauman Jaffar, Founder at SenSights.AI (LocateMotion Inc.) developed by MarkiTech

“Some of the pieces are buried; for example, patient symptom notes lack standardized language, and differing EMR/EHR formats between providers create difficulties linking patient data” said, Jaffar

SenSights.AI has also developed an open API health intelligence platform to enable clinical, academic, and healthcare organizations to transform Data into Evidence based results. To date, close to $1million non-dilutive funding has been provided by various federal, provisional, non- for profit, and private entities.

However, the work and product market fit here isn’t enough - Sensights.AI is now reaching out to investors to complete development of the voice recognition “Help Avatar” for seniors and continue to commercialize to help to elevate, expand, and reveal new insights of data towards personalized medicine and long-term care.

Call to Investors: Raise $1.5Mill
At this stage of start-up lifecycle, the following activities have been completed at SenSights.AI in the last 24 months and is now raising its first $1.5 mill pre-seed.

• Commercially Viable Apps Available (iOS & Android) DOWNLOAD SENSIGHTS
• Freemium App and SaaS Business Model for Enterprise Ready and TESTED
• Open API platform to push / pull data with EMR / EHR providers INTEGRATED
• Several major pilots with leading home health providers, telco, city, public safety and leading university COMPLETED
• SIGNED letters of internet with largest home healthcare provider based on Canada
• Integration with two leading EMR / EHRs in senior care COMPLETED
• Partnership and integration with leading Telemedicine, 24/7 medical support provider, Ambient Sensor device company, and over 15+ health devices, wearables, smartphone, fitbit, apple watch, IoT sensors, etc., completed & TESTED
• Privacy, Security, Threat Assessments PASSED
• OTN Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) Compliance including Secure Video Calling ACHIEVED
• One of a kind Contactless Monitoring solution integrated for ease of use for older adults with cognitive decline LAUNCHED
• Pitch Deck, Data Room, Financial Model, Cap Table READY
• One of a kind Tablet pre-order solution for seniors LAUNCHING in OCT 2021
• “Help” Avatar for cognitive challenges seniors using Voice Recognition under DEVELOPMENT for Q1 2022 Release
• And MUCH MORE...

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Nauman Jaffar, Founder of LocateMotion at or +1 416 684 2678. Alternatively, if you would like to set-up a meeting directly in Nauman’s calendar, please click here.


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