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PUPPY LOVE Dog Food Announces New Olympic Games Event for Dogs and Their Owners. $1,000,000 in Cash And Prizes.


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PUPPY LOVE Dog Food Company Announces New Olympic Games Like Event for Dog Owners and Their Pets. Over $1,000,000 USD in Car And Prizes.

REDDICK, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 23, 2021 / -- PUPPY LOVE INTERNATIONAL, a new dog food company that is the ONLY dog food company to use an ingredient that has FDA, Canada Health, and European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) approvals in place which promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the "gut" and colon of your pet, announces the following exciting event.


This is like an international Olympic Games event but for dogs and their owners. However, it's an event with a twist.

We are all familiar with very popular Dog Agility competitions that sometimes have 10,000 plus people watching at dog shows like Crufts. We are all familiar with the very popular "FLYBALL" Dog contests, the water jumps (Long Jump for Dogs). In these events it is the dog that does all the jumping and running.

In DOGOLYMPICS both the dog and the owner are required to both do the jumping and running.

This approach is fun for the participants but even more fun for the viewers. The entire competition will be aired "live" by WIN TV Network and other broadcasters on a global basis. The events that are being planned will be unveiled in the future but are designed to be fun for everyone. Competitors and the global audience.

There will be events for puppies who are always unpredictable, small dogs and large dogs, but whatever the dog has to do, the owner will have to do as well.

Baron Storm, Founder and CEO of WIN TV stated the following: "We are proud to be the first broadcast network to bring this fun and family event to a global audience. The PUPPY LOVE dog food company is an incredibly different and forward thinking company that is bringing not only superb food products to all animals, but is also creating a huge global PUPPY LOVE CLUB for pet lovers.

Membership in the PUPPY LOVE CLUB is like a COSTCO membership.

Once you register, from anywhere in the world, you can expect great savings on bulk buying on hundreds of pet items from food, pet beds, toys, and of course you get to qualify to enter yourself and your dog into global events like DOGOLYMPICS with over $1,000,000 USD in cash and prizes.

The PUPPY LOVE CLUB also has other events with great savings such as cruises, clothing, travel and a great "health" plan for your pet if and when your pet needs emergency help. Veterinarian bills can be very expensive and PUPPY LOVE has a great plan to help you if your pet needs sudden and unexpected medical help."

Part of the proceeds of the membership goes to assist various charitable organizations that help find and place rescue puppies and other good work.

The website for PUPPY LOVE INTERNATIONAL is now under construction but should be live on or before September 5th 2021. The URL is https//

The company is also looking at becoming a USA public company in the very near future as part of AMAZING FOODS INC and WIN TV. The buzz about PUPPY LOVE dog food and it's dedication to providing premium dog food and treats that are sugar free, all natural, high fibre and packed with antioxidants and vitamins is already starting. One of it's first products is called "SMART TREATS" that dogs go crazy for.

Hundreds of millions of dog owners treat their pets as part of the family. Pet owners also spend a huge amount on their pets. The combination of great pet foods and products plus the innovative entertainment value that PUPPY LOVE INTERNATIONAL brings is very exciting.

PUPPY LOVE is also building a community and will be looking for many partners, sponsors and participants in the organization and marketing of the DOGOLYMPICS. So if this appeals to you please contact PUPPY LOVE ASAP or join the PUPPY LOVE CLUB.

We look forward hearing from all interested parties.


Baron Storm
+1 352-999-4288
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