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AG Pax­ton Com­mends Court’s Deci­sion to Uphold Texas’ Ban on Live-Dis­mem­ber­ment Abortions

Attorney General Paxton applauded the decision of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to uphold a Texas law prohibiting live-dismemberment abortions. In a 9-5 decision, the court reversed the district court’s judgment that prevented Texas from forbidding this type of violent second-trimester abortion in which a doctor rips an unborn child apart with forceps while the child is still alive in her mother’s womb. These abortions are carried out on unborn babies as old as 22 weeks, and Texas put on evidence at trial that they may feel pain while being dismembered.

“Texas is a national leader in protecting and fostering respect for human life, including unborn life. I will defend the state’s lawful authority to protect the dignity of unborn children by prohibiting these barbaric dismemberment abortions,” Attorney General Paxton said. “During the trial, we demonstrated that this law is constitutional and consistent with acceptable medical ethics.”

Read the Court’s Order here.