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POTS Care Clinical Director Launches POTS Care Package™ to Begin Self-Care Treatment of POTS

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2021 / -- Dr. Diana Driscoll, Clinical Director of POTS Care, has launched POTS Care Package™, a two-month comprehensive recovery package that contains everything one needs to get started with at-home treatment of Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS). POTS is a potentially debilitating disorder of the autonomic nervous system, the system of the body that controls automatic functions such as blood pressure, heart rate, and digestion. Patients with POTS experience an increase in heart rate when they stand, but the syndrome can involve hundreds of symptoms.

According to a non-profit that seeks to improve the lives of individuals living with autonomic nervous system disorders, POTS is estimated to affect one to three million Americans, including one out of every 100 teenagers. These numbers do not include COVID-19 triggered POTS or “PASC” (Post-acute Sequela of SARS-CoV-2) (also known as ”Long-haul COVID-19” or “COVID Longhaulers” – patients who have recovered from the initial viral illness but still have lingering symptoms. Ten to 30 percent of COVID patients go on to develop POTS.

“POTS is a health issue that few doctors understand or treat,” said Driscoll. “The concept of an abnormal inflammatory reaction driving POTS is a new concept for most people. Unless recognized, patients can continue to suffer from dramatic symptoms, and worse – they can get sicker. This care package presents new science concerning what I have dubbed “Inflammatory POTS” and how to approach this illness at the source of problems, rather than by covering up symptoms. POTS Care Package is not a substitute for medical treatment, rather it is a way to provide answers for sufferers and begin addressing some of the common underlying causes of Inflammatory POTS. It is also a way to reach more people than we can see in our clinic, and this is one way to help so many more patients today.”

POTS Care Package offers education in Inflammatory POTS, addresses vascular inflammation and some common related medical effects. The package includes wearable biofeedback technology, a recovery workbook and journal, specialized supplements, and a convenient smartphone app with three months of biweekly audio sessions. It also contains specialized information about choosing appropriate foods and suitable activities and exercises through recovery.

POTS patients have a dramatically increased heart rate when they get vertical, which can occur without a drop in blood pressure. Symptoms can also include every system in the body. Too many patients are often told to exercise more, drink more water, eat more salt, or even take antidepressants. Those traditional treatments for POTS are not only inadequate but often damaging to patients in the long run. This dramatically different approach to POTS, as explained in the POTS Care Package, is a necessary paradigm shift for patients and doctors alike.

POTS Care Package is based on a decade of research, the retrospective analysis of over 500 POTS patients, and Driscoll’s own personal suffering with POTS.

About Dr. Diana Driscoll

Dr. Diana Driscoll is the Founder and President of Genetic Disease Investigators, and foremost authority on autonomic dysfunction, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), chronic dry eye, vagus nerve disorders, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), and similar "invisible" illnesses. She is the Clinical Director of POTS Care, the only clinic in the world treating POTS by treating the underlying medical cause(s) of POTS.

In her continual research with dysautonomia, Dr. Driscoll authored “The Driscoll Theory – The Cause of POTS in EDS”, and “Your Eyes and EDS” – both in-depth, scientific publications concerning connective tissue and the autonomic nervous system. She was also the chief author of the “Ophthalmology Medical Resource Guide” for Ehlers-Danlos National Foundation and has three patents to date. Dr. Driscoll is a dry eye expert, patenting unique treatments based on the autonomic nervous system. She holds a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and a Doctorate in Optometry from University of Houston.

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