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Lyn Stokes, Prolific Costa Rica Based Artist and World Traveler Publishes New Online Gallery of Her Fantastical Art.

Lyn Stokes Presents "The Pura Bloody Vida Collection".

Lyn Showing off Some of Her Art

Lyn's Seal of Authenticity

BrainDagger Films’ Moe Taylor Makes the Discovery of a Lifetime with the Artist Lyn Stokes.

Lyn is very aware of energy, the frequency of sound, color of light waves and how darkness and light play against each other all around us. Only the light can expose what is in the darkness.”
— Moe Taylor

SAN RAMON, ALAJUEALA, COSTA RICA, August 11, 2021 / -- Through a work of absolute chance, BrainDagger Films was in San Ramon, Costa Rica to film an episode of their series “Knowledge is Good” and they stayed in Lyn's guest quarters. They had no idea the treasure trove of art they were about to discover. When she opened her gallery to show Moe her art he was completely blown away by the thousands and thousands of completed works that had never been available online until now. He immediately contacted his web developer and set in motion what is now Lyn’s website. "The world needs to see this!" Moe exclaimed. Check it out here:

After two decades of self-taught adventures in creative exploration throughout Canada, New Zealand, and Costa Rica, Lyn has perfected her style of painting with artistic derivations of sunlight. All her works in some way began as a sunbeam and she doesn’t use a computer. Her technique is truly one of a kind. How does she do it? Well, that’s her secret.

The world-renowned Gato Marron in San Ramon will be hosting a live gallery event with champagne and the artist herself in person on September 2, 2021. The festivities start at 6:30 PM. The art display will continue for two months with framed original art on sale throughout its run.

Her website is always being updated as she has, let’s face it, more prints than she will ever be able to put on the website. Humans only live so long, lol.


Her finest works are for sale on the website and she hopes her art can help people harness and understand their own creativity. Her Bio is also fascinating and posted on her website. It’s a must read for sure.

Lyn never has fit in. She has always been way past the corporate B.S. and doesn’t buy into the, “You have to look like this, think like this, act like this nonsense.” She never watched movies or any sports so she doesn’t think like most people. Instead, she started looking at the World with wonder and found it was actually magical. Lyn knows that a lot of people see her as somewhat mad or delusional but she has always lived by the philosophy that, "What you think of her is none of her business". Very empowering when you completely comprehend the power of those words.

Kathryn E F Taylor
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Lyn Stokes (Abstract Nude, Aura and LION collection)