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Emerging Actor, Javier Collazo Lopez joins the cast in an Independent Film ‘The Check Up’

Javier Collazo Lopez

Javier Collazo Lopez

'The Check Up' Poster

This film is a captivating story about the journey of separated parents who deal with the failing marriage when their daughter encounters an unexpected illness

Dream big and work to make it a reality. You don't need a backup plan. Live with no regrets.”
— Javier Collazo Lopez

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2021 / -- Actor, Javier Collazo Lopez, joins the cast in a feature film ‘The Check Up’. This film is a captivating story about the journey of separated parents who must deal with the failing marriage when their daughter encounters an unexpected illness. Javier (known for Roles in ‘The Not So Secret Life of Teenagers’, ‘The Son’, ‘Wither’, and ‘Stand Out’), plays the role of Alex in this moving drama alongside Claire Bikoundou (known for ‘Seconds in a Heartbeat), Ben Buchanan (known for ‘The Check Up’), Rasheda Isaac (known for ‘Gray People’, ‘Skitz’ and ‘Don’t Say My Name’) and Jordan Koser (known for ‘Relationships’). Directed by Sarah Hall (known for ‘Recharging’).

‘The Check Up’ is also Javier’s favorite film project to date. It follows a family and a girl named Sam, who suffers from an unknown illness. Her siblings, Amy and Alex, watch over her as their separated parents attempt to find out what’s wrong. One evening, she passes out on the kitchen floor, and they all rush her to the hospital. Javier plays the character Alex and has expressed how amazing having this role was. Javier said, “This character, Alex, is one character I got the pleasure of portraying. He was the comedic relief for everyone while Sam was sick and his family was confused, sad, or hurt. He sees the best in situations, which, to be honest, I don’t. In a way, I want to be like Alex and be this funny guy that can be optimistic about everything.” The Check Up’ will be released in 2022.

Javier’s love for acting started when he was ten years old and was introduced to the stage in his school's production of ‘The Lion King Jr’. Javier has been in many musical theater productions in local community theaters and has recently branched out to independent films to broaden his experience and gain new skills along the way. Javier is a young and ambitious American teen actor who dreams of becoming “one of the greats” and aspires to act throughout his life.

Javier’s first independent film ‘The Son’, is one that modernizes the well-known parables from the Bible, where he portrays young Will. Javier’s character, Will, takes his inheritance from his father and leaves to spend it all on his travels. Will then meets an unexpected person along the way and they become best friends, which ties into another short film ‘The Coin’, set to be released in late 2021. The pilot of ‘The Son’ premiered May 2021 and has won Best Short in Kolkata Film Festival. Javier has been nominated best actor for his role as Young Will in this illustration of a moral and spiritual lesson between a father and Son. The feature film, tying ‘The Son’ and ‘The Coin’ together, will be released in 2022.

Javier has also been a part of many other independent films since ‘The Son’, a couple feature films, and a music video. He has also been cast in a new podcast called ‘Transcend’, which will be recorded in the later months of 2021 and posted on Spotify. This podcast is based on the series which was released on Amazon in 2018. His most recent filming projects include ‘The Not So Secret Life of Teenagers’, ‘Donna Troy’, ‘Stand Out’, ‘Speak’ and ‘Coders’. Orlando Independent Filmmakers put on several showcases so that creatives can bring their stories to life. Javier had the opportunity to be cast in ‘The Not So Secret Life of Teenagers’, as Alex. A story about a group of teenagers finding their way through life, and like all teenage stories, it’s one full of drama. ‘Donna Troy’ is a series about a girl, Donna, born with powers that is destined to save the world. She fails to save her classmates causing outsiders to seek revenge, and her supposed friend turns out to be someone unusual. Javier plays Jack, a person that just wants to do the right thing, but is manipulated by his girlfriend Kimmy. Both Jack and Kimmy are classmates Donna failed to save. ‘Stand Out’ is a short film that brings to light the current issues that face biracial Americans in modern society. Javier portrays Lennon, the nonbinary friend that offers his support to the main character who struggles with being biracial and “not looking the part”. ‘Speak’ is a beautiful story about a girl growing up with a lisp and struggling with bullies in school. ‘Coders’ is about a computer coding high school club that tracks hackers but who they are tracking becomes an unexpected twist.

One of Javier’s favorite musical theater productions that he was part of in May 2021 is ‘The Impossible Club’. He plays Birch, a kid in middle school, bullied by the older middle school kids, who finds an ally and learns to fights back. ‘The Impossible Club’ was part of the 30th Orlando Fringe Festival and won Best Family Show and Most Inclusive Show.

Javier continues to stay busy with school and more filming. He was cast in ‘Hostage’ which is about middle schoolers taken hostage by their disgruntled teacher. The project is set to film in late 2021. He’s filming another feature film just this month! He’s been accepted in the prestigious Theater Conservatory of Montverde Academy. He will be a sophomore and is excited to be back on the stage. He has been cast as Dickon in ‘The Secret Garden’. He’s incredibly excited to begin.

Overall, even with the events of 2020 (which is when he started his onset days), Javier has been very successful. He’s even in the process of writing his own script, learning the piano and creating an original song. He’s not stopping now!

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