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Sundown Dude (British American Publishing, Ltd., $14.95), best-selling author Bernard F. Conners' newest novel, published August 7, 2021.

Best-selling author Bernard F. Conners releases newest novel, Sundown Dude (British American Publishing, Ltd., $14.95) on Aug. 7, 2021.

Readers of crime thrillers who look for irony, a dash of humor, and a complex character ... will find Sundown Dude an involving read ... hard to predict, and surprising in its definitive conclusion.”

LATHAM, NY, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2021 / -- For Charlotte Baxter, her Harley Davidson motorcycle lent immediate freedom – from its starting roar to its smooth satisfying growl – a swift departure replaced, just for a moment, the strain of being a low-paid librarian with a seven-year-old son to tend for her own. Nothing compared.

Nothing that is, until she robbed her first bank. Adorned in sunglasses, a baseball cap, jeans, and a jacket, with a moustache and goatee, the first heist took place at the Lexington Avenue branch of Manhattan Savings Bank. A quick turn into a crowded street accompanied by a deft move of the hand transmuted cap and beard into a tumbling length of blonde hair. After the first burst of adrenalin, Charlotte was hooked. Accelerating in popularity after each brash stickup, the Sundown Dude quickly ascends to fame, “his” curators hailing from New York’s most popular tabloid newspapers. Throughout their lopsided love affair, John Rodgers, Charlotte’s hapless boyfriend, only knows the notorious bank robber as a celebrity vigilante, one with an M.O. of striking as the sun set. One, who will also serve, as Charlotte’s main character for the novel she intends to publish. Addicted to the thrill and accustomed to the additional income, the Sundown Dude epitomizes the lengths one woman will go to take what she wants before the sun sets on her world.

In Sundown Dude (British American Publishing, Ltd., $14.95), best-selling author Bernard F. Conners depicts the story of Charlotte Baxter, a fiery single mother whose passion for adventure propelled her into a life consumed by brash stickups. Conners, a former FBI agent and publisher of The Paris Review, has had a distinguished career in government, business, publishing, and film. He is the best-selling author of Dancehall, Upper East Side Girl, Cruising with Kate, Tailspin, The Hampton Sisters, and Don’t Embarrass the Bureau.

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