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Rick Newcombe (right) Arnold Schwarzenegger (left)

By Rick Newcombe, Founder and Chairman of Creators Syndicate

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2021 / -- Two recent scientific studies have concluded that lifting weights can be extremely beneficial for fat loss, according to reports this summer in The New York Times.

On July 7, the newspaper reported that “People who regularly do muscle-strengthening exercises are about 20 to 30 percent less likely to become obese over time than people who do not.” That conclusion was based on a study that was released in June in PLOS Medicine, where “researchers at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, and other institutions, decided to take a look into the relationship, if any, between weights and waistlines.”

None of this was a surprise to Rick Newcombe, whose book, The Magic of Lifting Weights, tells his personal story of lifting weights as a teenager to become a muscleman, but eventually, as an adult and senior citizen, to maintain overall fitness and energy so that he is light and limber in his 70s. Newcombe writes that weights have given him “the foundation for energy” in his golden years.

“I am pain free,” he says, “and full of life and energy because of my weightlifting workouts.”

Newcombe’s book is chock full of wisdom and tips for staying motivated for working out, and they all come from personal experience. As he says, “one workout at a time since 1963.”

The second study, reported by The New York Times on July 21, led the newspaper to conclude that “A cellular chat after your workout may explain in part why weight training burns fat.”

The study was published in May in The FASEB Journal, from the federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Scientists from the University of Kentucky in Lexington, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and other institutions wanted to study what is known as “cellular crosstalk” in our bodies.

The newspaper summarized the studies’ findings: “In effect, weight training was shrinking fat in mice by creating vesicles in muscles that, through genetic signals, told the fat it was time to break apart.”

Newcombe says that it is great that science is catching up to what he learned by trial and error. His book describes his journey as a weightlifting hobbyist who devoted full-time to building a successful media company, Creators Syndicate and Creators Publishing, that are multimillion dollar corporations with worldwide influence.

“When you are pain free, lean and muscular, you view the world in a very different way from people who are out of shape, lethargic and fighting one ailment after another,” Newcombe says. “You just have so much more energy."

"My goal in writing the book was to share my story about the incredible benefits that I have received from lifting weights in hopes of inspiring others,” he says. “It is very reassuring, but no surprise, to see these studies explain what I discovered by lifting all those barbells and dumbbells over the years. For seniors today, I recommend light weights and strict form.”

In the book, Newcombe writes about how he mixes up his workouts so that he includes cardio and strength training at various times and frequently in the same workout. He never understood why they were treated so differently, and once again, new research is catching up with his conclusions.

"We're very familiar with the benefits of aerobic exercise like running, cycling or walking, but we haven't focused on lifting and strength exercise," Stuart Phillips, PhD, a McMaster University professor in kinesiology and Canada Research Chair in skeletal muscle health, told Global News. "They're seen on either ends of the spectrum—one makes you strong and muscular and one helps you live longer but that's not true. The reality is the two, in terms of health benefits, overlap more than they differ."



Rick Newcombe is the founder and chairman of Creators Syndicate and Creators Publishing. He has syndicated Ann Landers, Hunter S. Thompson, Thomas Sowell, Molly Ivins, Ben Shapiro, and Hillary Clinton, as well as Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonists Herblock, Mike Luckovich, Michael Ramirez, and Bill Mauldin. Creators Syndicate revolutionized the comic strip industry by granting cartoonists ownership rights to their creations, upending a system of syndicate ownership dating back to the days of William Randolph Hearst. The New York Times called Newcombe “a superhero for cartoonists.” Creators currently represents some of the world’s best comic strips, columns, and political cartoons. Creators Publishing has more than two hundred titles, including dozens of Amazon bestsellers.

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