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ProctorDIY empowers K12 instructors to live-monitor their own students during online exams

ProctorDIY remote proctoring for k12 online exams

ProctorDIY for k12

Observing the current Delta surge severity, ProctorDIY offers the first-ever "Do-It-Yourself" proctoring platform to K12 school leaders.

NEW YORK, USA, August 5, 2021 / -- New York based company announces new “Zoom-Esque” proctoring platform for K12 school leaders to live-monitor their own test-takers during online exams. ProctorDIY is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself proctoring platform designed for K12, focused on student privacy and data security. Through the use of a web camera, ProctorDIY conducts automated ID Verification, secures the web browser, and delivers high-value exam integrity through a Chrome browser plugin.

Rajnish Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO at ProctorDIY, says, “Do-It-Yourself proctoring meets the current demand for K12 educators’ need to balance administering online assessments with high student privacy, security and low cost — and without sacrificing the integrity of the exam environment. COVID-19 and the latest Delta variant isn’t showing any signs of slowing down with the reopening of schools. During these uncertain times, the safety of students and staff is paramount more than anything else. ProctorDIY not only eases online test-taking but provides a pragmatic solution in overcoming the ongoing pandemic challenges.”

ProctorDIY features include:
-Live remote Proctoring with AI administered by instructor or teacher’s assistant
-SPADE Dashboard (Student Privacy and Data Expunge) offers full data transparency
-Automated Identity Verification and Facial Confirmation
-Secure browser lock
-99% Accuracy Reports
-24/7 Tech Support for Instructors, Test-takers, and Administrators
-Available for all LMSs including Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Sakai, and Moodle
-Highest level of student privacy and security in the market

The majority of remote exams continue to rely on human proctors. Live remote proctoring has real challenges including student privacy and student security risks. Rahul Siddharth, Co-Founder and COO at ProctorDIY, added: “Students despise live remote proctoring because they feel it encroaches on their personal space through the webcam, both digitally and physically. Studies show that students hate the “creepy” factor of having a strange proctor stare at them during their exam. It causes anxiety and affects test scores. ProctorDIY eliminates those conflicts because their instructor, who they have developed a unique student / teacher relationship with, can administer, monitor and help with ProctorDIY, just like in a real life test setting.”

About ProctorDIY

ProctorDIY is the world’s first Do-It-Yourself proctoring platform. Through the use of a computer web camera, ProctorDIY conducts ID Verification, automated Facial ID Confirmation and Browser Security. ProctorDIY empowers instructors to monitor their own students, dramatically reducing student privacy and student data security risks.

ProctorDIY offers either cloud-based or on-premise data management and integrates with all major LMSs, with rapid deployment, scalability for high-volume test delivery, 24/7/365 support, and the peace-of-mind of secure, audited U.S., Canadian and European-based data centers.

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