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North Star Encourages Healthy Living with Competitive Health Insurance, Fitness Programs

DELTA, OH, UNITED STATES , July 29, 2021 / -- North Star Bluescope Steel employees enjoy highly competitive health insurance plans and complimentary fitness programs. Benefits start on day one of employment.

North Star’s Health Savings Account plans include a low family deductible of $3,000. The company contributes $3,000 per employee to their HSA account for family coverage. This contribution helps to off-set out of pocket costs for health insurance. The HSA money can also be used for prescription eye glasses and dental.

Christine Heban, Human Resources Recruiter, said, “My husband’s workplace has a $13,000 deductible and only gave us $1,000 toward our HSA account. So, there was a tremendous risk associated with the health insurance plan. Knowing that the company I work for cares about my financial well-being is a great feeling.”

Employees are also encouraged to take advantage of the onsite fitness center, complete with a personal trainer. If team members prefer to use an outside gym, North Star reimburses their membership fees.

Health and Fitness Success Stories

Team members can work out before or after their shifts with Exercise Physiologist Stephen Heilman.

“I create tailored programs,” said Heilman. “It’s not a cookie-cutter, one-plan-fits-all approach. If you have a specific goal you want to achieve, we can build your program around that goal.”

Many employees have seen life-changing results from starting fitness programs at North Star.

One team member had back surgery and needed to rebuild her strength. Before starting her program, she couldn’t even carry groceries.
Heilman said, “We started her on a Building Core Program, then graduated to a hips and shoulder program. The whole recovery took about three months. She’s back to full-range squats and shoulder presses, and she easily picks up 40 pounds. Now, she tries to carry all her groceries in one trip.”

Another North Star employee broke her ankle in a car accident. After physical therapy, she started training with Heilman. Now, she’s running and squatting more than before her accident, and with zero pain.

A third team member has also seen great results. Before starting his program, this employee sometimes struggled with stairs. He started late February 2021 and has lost 4% body weight and 3% body fat and has gained 1% muscle. Now, he has no issues walking up the stairs.

Every year, North Star has at least one company-wide fitness competition. Team members who achieve the competition’s benchmarks get a cut of the reward pool. “About 120 people sign up and they’ll even do personal bets with other employees,” said Heilman.

“Last year, I didn’t feel healthy,” said Kristin Malosh, VP of HSE. “I wasn’t eating well and could feel those extra pounds in the way my clothes fit. North Star emailed us about company-sponsored enrollment in Wondr Health. This awesome program helped me lose 20 pounds. Then my mom saw my success and signed up herself. She has lost more than 10 pounds and is sleeping better.”

North Star recently started their 2021 Summer Contest, which has a $10,000 reward pool. Participants get to choose whichever challenge works best for their personal goals and schedules. This year’s challenges include Wondr Health, fasting, total steps and general fitness.

About North Star BlueScope Steel
Established in 1996, North Star BlueScope Steel is a highly productive steel mill that uses leading-edge technology and processes to produce more than 2 million tons of coiled steel every year. The company delivers hot-rolled bands to steel service centers, coil processors, cold roll strip producers, original equipment manufacturers, and the steel pipe and tube industry. North Star places a special emphasis on community and company culture. Employees enjoy an onsite fitness center, profit-sharing, and weekly bonus plans, plus health, dental and life insurance. Tuition reimbursement is also available for approved college courses.

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