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Butler County Maintenance Activities for the week of July 26

Maintenance Schedule for the week of July 26, 2021.



Local Road Names Municipalities Activity
SR 1011 Center Dr—seg 110-270 Oakland/Concord/Fairview Edge Patching M-F
SR 4002 Euclid Rd—seg 130-160 Clay Patching      M-T
SR 0258 N. Main St—seg 10-70 Slippery Rock Boro Patching W-TH
SR 0528 Lindsay Rd—seg 10 Jackson

Bridge Maint/Repair Joints


SR 2011 Lardintown Rd Any resident wanting fill dirt please call 724- 284-8800 Clinton Shoulder Work       M
SR 0228

Sarver Rd Any resident wanting fill

dirt please call 724-284-8800

Buffalo/Clinton Shoulder Work     T-W
SR 2009 Ekastown Rd Any resident wanting fill dirt please call 724-284-8800 Buffalo Shoulder Work TH-F
SR 2015 Monroe Rd Buffalo Pipe Replacement      M-W
SR 2018 Sarver Rd Buffalo Pipe Replacement      TH-F
SR 1014 St. Wendelins Rd Summit/Oakland Patching       M-F
SR 3007 Meridian Rd—seg 190 Penn Install Parallel Pipe M-T
SR 3007 Meridian Rd—seg 170 Penn Pipe Replacement/patching W-TH
SR 3017 Myoma Rd—seg 20 Adams Pipe Replacement      F
SR 0038 Oneida Valley Rd—seg 310-570 Washington/Venango Paving/Sealcoat M-W
SR 0138 N. Washington Rd—seg 120-10 Concord/Clay Paving/Sealcoat TH-F
SR 0068 Evans City Rd Butler/Conn. Patching        M-TH

For more information about this maintenance schedule please contact the Butler County Maintenance Office at (724)284-8800.