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MeChat - A $30 Million FinTech Messenger That Streamlines Business Ownership

MeChat Universe Services

MeChat Universe Services

MeChat Makes it Easy To Start A Business

MeChat Makes it Easy To Start A Business

MeChat is the Best Way To Start A Business

MeChat is the Best Way To Start A Business

With MeChat, starting and growing a business just got a whole lot simpler by streamlining Business Processes, Systems, People, Product, and Tools into one.

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2021 / -- Today, more and more people are investing and going into business for themselves; however, data shows 70% of these entrepreneurs will fail due to lack of capital, wrong business models, and several other factors that MeChat provides answers for.

MeChat is a FinTech Messenger that makes starting and growing a business easier than ever. By offering end to end software, such as QR Codes, MeChat organizes and automates all of your business’s tools and back office processes into one place.

In addition, as a super app, MeChat also offers businesses social networking features, calling features, online banking, group chats, messaging, shopping, payments, and mobile orders without leaving the application, to further streamline their business for success and growth.

To help entrepreneurs enter new markets, MeChat developed Main Street, U.S.A. Main Street Online is an e-commerce marketplace where MeChat Badge holders promote their stores, increase sales, and position themselves around the international market.


The problem is people do not know where to start or what they need to do to become a successful entrepreneur. Many turn to family and friends for advice after not finding the answers they need on Google, from the SBA, or SCORE.

By providing entrepreneurs with an online vehicle and a road map unique to their businesses, MeChat helps them navigate the series of challenges that come with building a business while on average generating at least $30,000 per month in sales for our users.

MeChat is seeking $30 million to connect millions of inspiring entrepreneurs with new opportunities and audiences to succeed. The investment brings MeChat's total funding to $30.3 million since launch and will provide MeChat subscribers with access to capital, tools to hire the right Executive team and drive Main Street, U.S.A. into the go-to global marketplace for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.

To generate revenue, MeChat value is threefold:

1. MeChat leases online retail space on Main Street, U.S.A. based on per viewers and per store visit.

2. MeChat sells annual subscriptions for additional access, perks, and prestige in MeChat’s universe.

3. MeChat charges a 6-8% Service Fee for each transaction that occurs on the platform.

Without, Main Street, U.S.A., entrepreneurs can only promote their business through their current social media channels or storefronts that usually include multi-year contracts where rising costs for rent for small businesses can exceed $25,000 per year for 2,500 square feet, as according to

MeChat, on the other hand, provides a digital-first approach to business ownership for only $29.99 per month per storefront, with no contract. With MeChat’s end to end software to stay flexible and streamlined business practices, store owners will receive the perfect online space to think less, and decide faster in administration, sales, marketing, and tax preparation.

With MeChat, inspiring entrepreneurs, startups, and Main Street small businesses will be able to better prepare for challenges and new opportunities using step-by-step business checklists and automated processes that help entrepreneurs become self-sustainable CEOs and scale their business to the heights of their market.

In conclusion, MeChat currently integrates with Stripe and is looking to partner with other national associations to ensure it provides entrepreneurs looking to start, manage, or finance their businesses with the most accurate and efficient way to access:
- Business Intelligence,
- Business Execution Strategies,
- Back Office Automation,
- capital,
- mechanized business processes,
- new channels to market,
- a messenger to connect with their audience, and
- a safe, secure and cashless FinTech to accept mobile and online payments.

Are you ready to streamline your business?

Simplify being a business owner today, with MeChat FinTech Messenger and let us automate your business for you. Invest in your business now by registering for a business account on or by preordering a badge on MeChat's News Desk:

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