How to Strengthen the Links in Your Supply Chain

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How to Strengthen the Links in Your Supply Chain is a workshop to help business leaders cope with problems that surfaced during the pandemic.

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The COVID pandemic revealed many weak links in supply chains from agriculture to manufacturing to retail.

The World’s Best Connectors is hosting a workshop about the post-pandemic challenges and solutions surrounding supply chains in a variety of industries.

The last time most business owners heard supply chain was in a boring MBA course. But efficient logistics management is critical to sustainability. We address problems with which everyone struggles.”
— Denise Meridith
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, July 20, 2021 / -- The pandemic revealed the weaknesses in supply chains (e.g., milk and produce delivery) of which most of us were not aware. All businesses faced challenges in getting supplies, timely transport of their goods, losing long-term suppliers or buyers, and unanticipated higher costs of getting anything done. The World’s Best Connectors is a virtual community of C-Suite executives, headquartered in Phoenix, who help other executives enhance their relationships with employees, clients, family, government and the media. In 2021, WBC is hosting a series of workshops under the theme: The Business of Recovery. This workshop---How to Strengthen the Links in Your Supply Chain—on August 11, 2021, from 9 AM to noon, will describe common problems, and, using case studies, identify resources, references and referrals to help resolve them.

“The last time many business owners might have heard the term ‘supply chain management’ was during a boring MBA course,” says Denise Meridith, CEO of WBC. “Nobody wants to talk about it in public. But efficient logistic management is critical to sustainability. At this workshop, we want to raise and address problems everyone has been struggling with the past 18 months.”

The three-hour workshop will feature excellent speakers, in different industries, from government to private business to non-profits, who are actually dealing with these issues, and can provide practical advice about what has worked and what has not. Tempe Mayor Corey Woods, Robert Theobold (Arizona Commerce Authority) and Victoria Williams (American Express) will give overviews of supply chain issues in Tempe, in Arizona, and nationally. Bryan Lifshitz (Alamari Media) will provide a frank, informative (and entertaining) discussion of real- life logistical challenges.

Another critical part of the workshop will be the resources, services, programs, and recommendations offered by speakers Thomas Barr (Local First Arizona), Jeffrey Garza Walker (CRESA), Suzanne Webb (Exclusive Surgery Solutions), and Alex Muir (The Minuet Group). Ron Williams (Contacts to Contracts) will serve as moderator for the event.

The event will be a hybrid one with a small in-person audience at Workuity in Phoenix, and more attendees participating online. It is a high-level training session, relevant for any CEO or business owner, whether in commercial development, retail, BioB, food, or hospitality. Interested people can register online with Eventbrite. More information about other WBC past and upcoming events can be found on the World’s Best Connectors website.

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