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Pro-Police Advocate Jameson Ellis Announces Bid for Congress

Jameson Ellis and wife Donna Ellis

Jameson with his wife of 13 years, Donna

Jameson Ellis For Congress

Jameson Ellis For Congress

Jameson honoring HPD officer

Jameson honoring HPD officer

Jameson, a Law enforcement advocate, and pro-liberty patriot has filed to run for Rep. Kevin Brady's open seat in 2022.

The last thing we need are more big-name candidates who turn out to be moderate Republicans voting away our liberties and money...”
— Jameson Ellis
CONROE, TX, UNITED STATES, July 19, 2021 / -- A conservative, pro-police advocate has announced he is running for U.S. Congress in Texas’ 8th District. His agenda? To refund the police and make America safe again.

Born and raised in Texas and a resident of Conroe, Jameson Ellis comes from a first responder and military family. He also helps run a pro-police organization that aims to bridge the gap between law enforcement and communities.

According to Jameson, he has witnessed first-hand the hardships and sacrifices made by those that serve and protect.

“Last year (2020) was the deadliest year for law enforcement since 1974,” Jameson said. “And after watching many of our government leaders sit on their hands while others encouraged the brutal attacks on law enforcement last year, I’ve had enough.”

But Jameson also believes the attacks on our police are part of a much greater problem.

“I believe the assault on our liberty includes an agenda to defund, disarm, and dismantle local city police departments so they can federalize the police and enforce unconstitutional federal mandates.”

Jameson also stated that the situation is the result of a lack of true conservative leadership in Washington.

“Here in Texas, we have a reputation for telling it like it is, no matter how inconvenient it may be for others to hear. The fact is that RINOs and career politicians are a major problem in this country. I fully expect Democrats to act and vote like Democrats, but I have an issue with Republicans that don’t act and vote like Republicans.”

Jameson continued, “The last thing we need are more big-name candidates who turn out to be moderate Republicans voting away our liberties and money, or someone who has been ambitiously grooming themselves for years to run for office. We’re in a culture war, and we need candidates who are faith-driven and principled, that can not be bought with big-time donor money. As for me, I’m a working-class citizen that's committed to the fight to preserve our principles of liberty, free markets, limited government, the right to life, and the Judeo-Christian values our nation was founded on.”

According to Jameson’s campaign website, his priorities are to:

• Refund The Police
• Strengthen National Defense
• Fight Socialism
• Secure The Border
• Protect The Unborn
• Safeguard Our Guns
• Preserve Our God-Given Rights
• Combat Voter Fraud
• Drain The Swamp
• Promote Energy Independence
• Restrict Big Government
• Reject Mandatory Vaccinations

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Jameson Ellis For Congress
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