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Century Park Law Group explores the lifesaving innovations coming soon to cars

New Car Technologies

New Car Technologies

Bike Safety Dooring

Bike Safety Dooring

Light the Way, Not the Windshield

Light the Way, Not the Windshield

Century Park Law Group supports these innovations which increases safety. Century Park Law Group's passion is to help others find a safe and reliable cars.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / -- Today’s vehicles are using cameras, radar, and computing power to prevent crashes and other tragedies from happening. Modern safety systems protect not only those inside vehicles but also other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Century Park Law Group supports these innovations and initiatives which increases safety using advertisements and other media. Century Park Law Group's passion is to help others find a safe, reliable car that still puts a smile on their face—even if they're stuck in traffic.

We’re still only starting to realize the benefits of how technology can make roads safer, says Jake Fisher, senior director of CR’s Auto Test Center. Soon, more powerful processors and sensors will usher in the next generation of safety advances, which will go even further to save lives and prevent injuries.

See With Computer Vision

What it is: Augmented reality is designed to blend human and computer vision, projecting 3D holographic animations into the driver’s field of view to show exactly where a navigation system says to turn, highlight a pedestrian waiting to cross, or warn of a stopped car ahead, among other things.

When it’s coming: Some vehicles sold in Europe already have versions of augmented reality displays.

Stop the ‘Dooring’ Danger

What it is: “Dooring” is when a parked motorist opens a door directly into the path of a bicyclist, and it’s most common when cars parallel park alongside where cyclists ride. A doored cyclist may be injured after colliding with the door itself. Or they could veer into traffic and potentially be struck by a vehicle, sometimes after falling. To prevent dooring—which in some cities is responsible for close to 20 percent of cycling crashes—some current Audi and Mercedes-Benz vehicles and the upcoming 2022 Lexus NX use built-in sensors to detect oncoming bicycle or vehicle traffic from behind. If it isn’t safe to open the door, the vehicle will sound and/or flash a warning, or keep the door from unlatching. Some Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis vehicles actively prevent rear-seat occupants from exiting the vehicle until it’s safe by locking the rear doors.

Who has it: Safe Exit Assist is already available on some Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis vehicles.

Protect ‘Invisible’ Pedestrian

What it is: Unlike vision-based cameras that have problems seeing in poor lighting conditions, thermal cameras are very good at detecting pedestrians in the dark—even when they’re not visible to the naked eye. They could be key to reducing pedestrian fatalities on U.S. roads, which are up by 46 percent over the past decade. In 2020, 6,721 pedestrians were killed in the U.S., according to preliminary data from the Governors Highway Safety Association, which represents state and territorial highway safety offices in the U.S. Typical AEB with pedestrian detection has struggled to “see” in low light. That’s a problem because 80 percent of pedestrian fatalities take place after dark, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.

When it’s coming: Thermal cameras may be available on new vehicles as soon as 2025.

Prevent Hot Car Tragedies

What it is: On average, 38 children younger than 15 die of heatstroke in parked cars each year, according to the National Safety Council. To prevent these fatalities, multiple vehicle manufacturers have already put rear-seat reminder systems in place. These systems remind drivers to check the back seat after a trip. Others have ultrasonic sensors inside the car that look for motion and sound an alarm if the sensors detect someone left behind in a locked car. Genesis is the first manufacturer to use radar for motion detection, which makes its system sensitive enough to detect the smallest movements of a child’s chest as they breathe, says a spokesperson at Hyundai, the parent company of Genesis. It can sense children sleeping in the back seat or pets left in the cargo area.

Who has it: The Genesis GV70 has radar-based motion detection. Other Hyundai, Genesis, and Kia vehicles use ultrasonic systems.

Light the Way, Not the Windshield

What it is: If you’ve ever had trouble seeing clearly on a dark, winding road or been temporarily blinded by bright headlights from oncoming traffic, you’ll appreciate adaptive driving beam (ADB) headlights. Also called smart headlights, they shine as brightly as traditional high beams and improve a driver’s long-range visibility. They also use technology to keep extra glare from shining into the eyes of other drivers. Some systems can beam a spotlight to draw extra attention to pedestrians or cyclists, or project virtual lane lines on a snow-covered road. A 2019 AAA study showed that ADB lights provided up to 86 percent better illumination in the presence of an oncoming vehicle without any more glare for oncoming or followed drivers than traditional low beams. Smart headlights are available in other countries, but NHTSA has yet to approve a proposal from 2018 that would allow them in the U.S.

When it’s coming: Soon, we hope—but adaptive driving beam technology is not yet approved for use in the U.S.

Keep an Eye on the Driver

What it is: Automakers are increasingly adding advanced driver monitoring systems to make sure drivers pay attention to the road. Some can also detect whether a driver is unresponsive—because of either a medical emergency or another problem—and safely slow the vehicle and call for help.

Who has it: GM vehicles with Super Cruise can slow down and call for help if a driver is unresponsive.

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