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Returning to the Office or Working from Home

Returning to The Office or Working from Home

COVID has changed the world and our behavior dramatically as organizations are moving towards the Working from Home model.

We live in a digital era and we can’t remain ignorant while working online.”
— Rahul Mathur
DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 21, 2021 / -- COVID-19 has changed the world and our behavior dramatically. If we talk about the biggest change, then it is the workforce landscape, which has transformed completely, as organizations are moving towards the Working from Home model quite aggressively. Technology is the biggest catalyst in making this transition happen and it has become more central to keep the business moving ahead amid this testing time.

It is extremely important to stay on top of the business strategy and business technology to ensure the continuity of our business operations. India-based Software Solution provider Arka Softwares Fairfield has put together a couple of useful tips to keep your business afloat and competitive amid these uncertain times.

Prevent COVID-19 Related Phishing Scams

As most of the resources are now collaborating from homes or remote locations, they are prone to security risks. Cybercriminals often look for such opportunities, they send fake phishing emails to employees, these emails could be related to any specific collaboration, information request, shipping inquiries, conference invitations, document requests, or any other job-related stuff. If employees open such emails, they are poised to compromise their security, and data breaches may happen. It is always recommended not to open such suspicious emails, we should always confirm the email of the sender and upon more suspicion, one should approach the information security department of the organization immediately.

Implement adequate Network Security control to avoid security threats

Incoming emails are the primary reason for any sort of security breach, as emails from unknown senders may contain malware or malicious content, which if clicked or accessed by the employee, may expose the vulnerability in the system. Hence it is always advised to implement adequate network and security controls, which can help us filter out such malicious and suspicious emails, which in turn reduce the chances of a security breach.

Always use VPN for foolproof Security

An employee can access all organization resources while connected to the corporate network, however, the equation is changed once we talk about the same access while working remotely. Having employees access the organization’s network over the internet without any security measures in place is a big No. One should implement VPN (Virtual Private Network) to ensure the necessary layer of security while accessing the corporate resources remotely. VPN acts as a big utility by encrypting the connection between your corporate resources and the remote employee, and it ensures round-the-clock resource availability with the utmost level of security.

Clean Workstation policy

Most business projects require an adequate amount of confidentiality, and it is desired to protect the confidential documents and prevent data from unauthorized access, from any internal or an external actor. Maintaining a clean desk policy reduces such risks and lapses.
At the same time, it is also recommended to clean and unclutter the workstation and regularly wipe down your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other technical gadgets. It may not be related to cybersecurity, but the desired trait for all the employees.

“We live in a digital era and we can’t remain ignorant while working online,” says Rahul Mathur, Founder, and Managing Director, Arka Softwares. “With the advent of technology, the hackers have become sophisticated as well. They always remain ahead on the Technology front and always willing to take full advantage of a public in a way or the other.” Being aware of the technology and risks associated will not only minimize your chances of falling victim to any malicious attack but also keep your business technology highly secure, which can help prevent any unwarranted repercussions against the business.

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