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NFTs are now Helping the World, not Hurting it, Experts Claim

NFT from Intelligent NFTs

NFT from Intelligent NFTs

NFT from Intelligent NFTs

NFT from Intelligent NFTs

NFT from NFTs for Good

NFT from NFTS for Good

No longer a plaything of the crypto crowd, NFTs are now showing their potential to effect Lasting Change

MEKELLE, TIGRAY, ETHIOPIA, July 15, 2021 / -- NFTs, the darlings of the Crypto world that erupted explosively in March only to encounter a slowdown in May, are back and better than ever, according to some authorities in the space. "The environmental and volatility problems that made so many distrust NFTs are well on the way to being solved" says Intelligent NFTs co-founder Jack Toomey. "Newer cryptos like Tezos require less than a millionth of the energy to mine and mint compared to traditional cryptos, which means you're no longer using the equivalent of the yearly electricity consumption of Shanghai when you list your work on one of the greener exchanges."

Another controversial issue with NFTs is the historical relative absence of women and People of Color on the marketplaces. "NFTs have tended to be a young white man's game" says Ross Tomkins of NFTs for Good, "and only now are under-represented groups beginning to see what a powerful platform for both social and economic upward mobility they can be." LUV NFT is an exchange founded by Hahz Terry which has a mission "to achieve #BlockchainDiversity while leading the creator's economy".

NFTs can also provide an immensely powerful infrastructure for charities and causes. Save Tigray ( adapts images from photos of the current war in Tigray, Ethiopia, mints them as NFTs, and donates the profits to relief organizations addressing the regional famine there. CEO Savannah Partridge also intends to create NFTs from Fair Trade art created by artisans in the Developing World, as a way to boost their local
economies, which have been battered by COVID and Climate Change.

NFTs have always had a reputation for extreme volatility. Beeple, Grimes, and LeBron James may make millions, but the average trader makes far less. Newer platforms introduce stability by providing tools that allow real-time analysis of prices, trends, and sales histories, so that collectors and investors can make smart decisions about which NFTs to buy, and when to sell. "We only accept NFTs that are proven sellers" says Intelligent NFTs' Toomey, "so that it's unlikely that our investors will lose money, and very likely they'll gain. They probably won't make $69 million, like Beeple did,but if people have reasonable expectations they can do quite well with NFTs."

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