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Battino for U.S Senate Builds Momentum In Fundraising, Popular Support

Headshot of Dr. Gillian Battino, a white woman with short blonde hair, wearing a black blazer and American flag pin standing with her arms crossed

Headshot of Dr. Gillian Battino

Dr. Battino her family and campaign staff sit atop a blue Jeep Wrangler in a parade precession as it passes by a young boy waiving an American Flag in the foreground

Dr. Gillian Battino and her Campaign, Battino For U.S Senate at the Minocqua 4th of July Parade Celebration

Dr. Battino Listens to a man in the blue checkered shirt talk about the issues that are effecting his locally at an outdoor picnic setting

Dr. Battino speaking with a member of the Polk County Democrats at their monthly meeting in July 2021

Dr. Battino’s candidacy for U.S. Senate was bolstered this quarter with a swell in fundraising and grassroots support combined with top political consultants.

WAUSAU, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, July 16, 2021 / -- This past fundraising quarter, a campaign the Milwaukee’s Journal-Sentinel called the “longest of long shots” took a major leap. Dr. Gillian Battino’s candidacy for U.S. Senate was bolstered this past quarter with a swell in fundraising and grassroots support of volunteers and interns combined with top political consultants.

Quarter two saw a spike in fundraising and donations that shows no signs of slowing. This, coupled with growing attention on Dr. Battino’s citizen candidacy and the race in general, shows her to be a serious contender for the Democratic nomination.

The numbers speak for themselves. In quarter two, the campaign more than quadrupled funds raised from the first quarter this year. With hundreds of new donors, the campaign was able to raise tens of thousands of new money. Dr. Battino has been flooded with the hard work and support of dozens of inspired interns, volunteers, and political consultants who believe in her progressive message and citizen candidacy.

Even though Dr. Battino trails in fundraising dollars from financially connected juggernauts in the race, she is closing the gap in money on hand, and more importantly, in popular enthusiasm. Interns and volunteers from Kenosha to Superior have turned out in support of Dr. Battino.

Her campaign has experienced politicos at all levels. She has the media and fundraising expertise of Ken Christensen of The Politics Company Inc., a seasoned political veteran with a long history of success in Democratic politics.

With the additional expertise and experience of Beacon Media Group, Lake Research Partners, Bergmann Zwerdling Direct, and Veracity Media the campaign is poised to bring Dr. Battino’s message to the people of Wisconsin.

She has earned the support and endorsement of Doctors in Politics, former Indiana State Representative Chyung, and economist Prof. Faress Bhuiyan.

While campaigning full-time and building her powerful campaign, Dr. Battino continues to see a full schedule of patients as a radiologist at the Marshfield Medical Center. As a physician, scientist, a mother of six, and a 15-year Wausau resident, she has proven her dedication to Wisconsin and its people.

Dr. Battino knows that Wisconsinites are tired of politics as usual: the revolving door of politicians and big business. That’s why she is so adamantly fighting to represent and serve them in the U.S Senate. To fight for universal healthcare, for workers’ rights, for higher wages, and for historic action to fight climate change. She knows that together we can bring Wisconsin and the whole country forward into a brighter tomorrow.

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