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Tara Youngblood: Fighting the global sleep problem

Tara Youngblood


Sleep deprivation is a problem facing millions throughout the world. Through her groundbreaking work, Tara Youngblood aims to improve quality of sleep.

If you don’t sleep, your cognitive and physical state is influenced similarly to being drunk. If you get to that state, it is a horrible mess.”
— Tara Youngblood
MOORESVILLE , NORTH CAROLINA , UNITED STATES , July 20, 2021 / -- Good quality sleep is vital for everyone to function at their optimum level. Study after study has found that a lack of sleep not only impedes your quality of life but also shortens your lifespan.

Through her work with ChiliSleep, Tara Youngblood focuses on mattress heating and cooling systems, incorporating patented “Chili Technology,” which improves the quality of your sleep. Youngblood’s own experience with sleep deprivation and a background in physics and scientific research influenced her passion for researching sleep.

After reading more than three hundred books and about two thousand articles, Youngblood realized that temperature-controlled sleep is essential for quality sleep. VLPO neurons or sleep-active neurons in the brain are a sleep switch triggered by temperature.

“I did the equivalent of driving my kids drunk to school every day. This was drunk from sleep. If you don’t sleep, your cognitive and physical state is influenced similarly to being drunk. If you get to that state, it is a horrible mess. About seven years of research delving into Chinese traditional medicine, neuroscience, and technology has influenced my research,” said Youngblood speaking on the Billionaires in Boxers Podcast with Phil Pelucha.

Youngblood has worked with numerous people throughout her career, and the one thing that she has gauged is that sleep is an essential component for achieving success. The vision of ChiliSleep is to build the best products and inspire individuals to sleep better while also fuelling the communities they serve with philanthropic and environmentally conscientious efforts.

“Sleep is a key element of wellness, and if you do it right, you can fix a lot of things due to proper cognitive functioning. If you are an athlete, you have to sleep if you don’t want to get injured. If you want a long career, you have to sleep,” she said.

According to Youngblood, there are many misconceptions associated with sleep, such as the popular myth that the average person requires eight hours of sleep per day. The answers to the best ways to sleep will differ from person to person, depending on genetics and habits.

“There is no particular way that you are supposed to sleep. Our genetics and routines play a role in that. You have to follow the rules, for example, when you travel, to avoid jet lag. You have to understand your body clock and be respectful. If you are a night person, your ability to nap is more flexible than a morning person. Night people have more flexibility with naps, but their best performance windows in terms of cognitive ability are harder to master because of the flexibility as compared to a morning person,” said Youngblood.

Youngblood’s work influences prominent politicians who play a significant role in society and sports stars who make millions. One of the reasons that high-profile people may struggle with sleep is due to conventional ideas of hotels. Hotels typically do not sell customers the concept of quality sleep but focus on their experience while awake, which impedes sleep.

On a positive note, Youngblood has noted that sports teams are now placing a greater focus on the importance of sleep.

“You have to be aware that you have to sleep if you have to do something important the next day, be it play in a big game or give a speech. We’ve helped presidents who have gone door to door campaigning. Sports teams realize that they have to be healthy to perform. They are willing to invest in making sure that the teams have what they need. Some players will even get a choice of a specific pillow that they need to sleep well,” she said.

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