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Pharma Botanica turns 25

Pharma Botanica is now a multi-million dollar Australian success story.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, July 5, 2021 / -- Pharma Botanica turns 25
Pharma Botanica is celebrating as we turn 25 this year!

Founded by Paul and Melissa Gribble in 1996, Pharma Botanica is now a multi-million dollar Australian success story, manufacturing naturopathic medicine packed with 100% plant goodness.

Starting with one formula, we now have 12 proprietory TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed medicines and more to come.

Providing naturopathic remedies for a range of health conditions, Pharma Botanica products are designed to offer a gentle yet effective way to achieve wellness and balance in your everyday life.

100% plant-based products sourced from natural habitats

So what’s behind our 25 years of success? The best plant-based remedies are exactly what they say they are, with no extracts in sight. We pride ourselves on only offering 100% plant-based products sourced directly from their natural habitats.

Product ingredients are effective too. We use plants such as Ginkgo biloba to support cognitive function (1), valerian to improve sleep quality and anxiety (2) and garlic for heart health, (3) just to name a few examples, all of which have been scientifically proven to work.

Looking back, facing forwards

While Pharma Botanica is a forward-looking company, we still pay homage to the past. We draw on more than 5,000 years of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the development of our naturopathic remedies for anxiety, menopause, allergies, stress and many other conditions.

These tried-and-tested formulations have been handed down over the years, showing that nature provides the answers to many of our wellbeing issues.

Treating the cause, not the symptom

Getting to the root of the issue, not just treating the symptom, is another reason why we have enjoyed a quarter of a century of success: our products really do enhance users’ lives while offering treatment at a holistic level.

It’s all about using the wisdom of nature to help you live your best life – happy, pain- and stress-free – slowing down the ageing process and helping you achieve your potential.

Shared ethical values

The ethical values we share with our customers and suppliers are the beating heart of Pharma Botanica.

We believe in using organic, sustainably grown raw materials. It’s all part of our ethos of being planet-kind and providing our customers with the clean, green products they are looking for.

Investing in the future

As Pharma Botanica looks forward to the next 25 years and beyond, we anticipate continued success with some challenges along the way.

We are not only invested in our own future success but in the survival of medicinal plants.

Over the 25 years of our life, Pharma Botanica has witnessed five medicinal plant extinctions from our formulas. We are committed to ensuring the survival of the remaining medicinal plants.

By encouraging people to consume medicinal plants instead of chemically derived plant extracts, we can provide for the farmers to keep cultivating them and therefore stay alive.

'While we’ve come a long way in the past 25 years, we've still got a lot to do yet', says founder Melissa Gribble as Pharma Botanica looks forward to the next chapter in our success story.

Know more about natural remedies

To know more about Pharma Botanica and our natural remedies for anxiety, stress and a host of other physical and emotional conditions, browse our product pages or contact us.


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