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Emerald Embedded Stone Worth $112.5M Up for NFT Auction Friday June 25th, 2021

Collectors who hold the tokens will be part owners of the 253 lb. emerald

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 / -- A 253-pound emerald worth $112.5 million will be the subject of a historic NFT auction, in which collectors could trade Ethereum cryptocurrency for tokens that represent a stake of ownership in this rare, valuable mineral.

Collectors who hold tokens will be members in an exclusive social media club with other collectors, where they can network and discuss shared interests. There will be an annual celebratory event where collectors have access to the emerald and can socialize with one another.
“They're not just buying a theoretical stake in this extremely valuable asset, but are also joining a vibrant community of diverse, interesting people,” said Edward J. Rodriguez, co-founder of BPN Capital Group, the company managing the NFT auction. “We view this as an historic opportunity for people to not only own a piece of natural art, but it is also an important demonstration of the true power blockchain has to transform the real world and bring people together.”

At the auction, which will be hosted Friday, June 25, collectors will be able to purchase NFTs representing ownership of the emerald embedded stone with Ethereum (ETH) via two platforms: Rarible and OpenSea. BPN Capital Group will announce the link via its Twitter feed on the day of the auction.

“This stone is awe inspiring and truly something to behold, what can only be described as of Divine origin,” Rodriguez said. “To have the privilege to be in the presence of the stone, where its beauty and intricacies can be fully appreciated, is simply a moment that will take your breath away.”
Rodriguez explained that the creation of such a stone is the combination of pressure, temperature, moisture, and other factors all coming together beneath the earth’s surface, over perhaps one hundred thousand years. This work of art by G-d is partially owned by the buyer. Unlike in a museum setting, the buyer can actually touch this stone and be photographed with it. According to Rodriguez, the owners will have the opportunity each year to be fully engaged and moved by the awesomeness of this creation.

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About NFTs
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital tokens based on blockchain technology. NFTs can be used to represent ownership in an asset, typically a piece of art or other unique treasure, that can then be traded, bought, and sold. The proof of ownership NFTs provide is verifiable by a unique, encrypted hash that cannot be forged or replicated. NFTs enable many people to own a fractional stake in a work of art or other asset, reducing entry barriers inherent when investing in high-valued assets.

About BPN Capital Group
BPN Capital Group is a DeFi multi-service Firm powered by a network of professionals, and which utilizes Blockchain and NFT technologies. The company is dedicated to developing real-world use cases for this new revolutionary Blockchain technology, that includes the tokenization of hard assets for improved accessibility to lending, investing and ownership. Founded in May 2019, BPN Capital Group was built on the proposition that Blockchain and NFT technology is highly beneficial but underutilized due to lack of accessibility and real-world use cases. BPN Capital Group's mission is to solve such problems and help lay the groundwork for mass adoption of Blockchain solutions in the business world. BPN Capital Group does this through hard asset tokenization, commercial lending, and referral agent membership programs.

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