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Miss Golden Valley USA Strives to Raise Awareness for Malnourished Children

Celeste Musick's Miss Minnesota USA 2021 Headshot

A warm embrace on Celeste's volunteer trip to Guatemala

After three days of building a home in Guatemala, the family is able to finally move in

GOLDEN VALLEY, MN, USA, June 22, 2021 / -- Volunteering at Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children was life-changing for Celeste Musick. Holding an acutely unwell infant patient for the first time, she vowed to use her success as a platform to attract awareness and much-needed funds for staff and resources for the Hospital.

“I picked up a poor, limp baby who was suffering from severe muscle atrophy, and that was it: I knew my calling,” explains Musick. “I knew I wanted to commit to breaking the chains of poverty through education, food, and shelter, and dedicate all my energy to helping alleviate suffering for children in desperate need of food and medicine.”

The GOD’S CHILD Project is thrilled to be sponsoring one of their long-time volunteers in her bid to become Miss Minnesota USA 2021. Musick looks forward to new, exciting opportunities as she enters the state beauty pageant to compete at Miss Minnesota USA 2021 with the local title of Miss Golden Valley USA 2021.

The Miss Minnesota USA pageants provide participants with a platform through dedicated partnerships with charities, sponsors, and brands around the world. Musick plans to promote awareness of The GOD’S CHILD Project and the Casa Jackson Hospital for Malnourished Children.

“The babies in the hospital changed my life,” she says. “Their little hands pulled at the strings of my heart. A fire was lit within my soul. I saw that the most important things in life are to have a roof over your head, food in your belly, and someone with warm, open arms to hold you in a loving embrace.”

Problems Facing The GOD'S CHILD Project

Founded in 1991, The GOD’S CHILD Project is a non-denominational organization reaching children and families in intense poverty in Guatemala, as well as helping people in need in the United States.

Like many non-profit organizations, the hospital and other services provided by The GOD’S CHILD Project have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Sponsors have been forced to lower or discontinue donations resulting in dangerously low levels of funds. In Antigua Guatemala, tourism, a primary source of income for the country, has suffered, and imports and exports of food have been affected by the pandemic.

Musick's Aspirations

Musick has worked in healthcare as a caregiver for four years. Currently working in a hospice providing end-of-life care, her work has taught her to appreciate every moment as no one knows when their last breath will be. And it’s a job that suits Musick’s disposition and outlook. Musick’s friends describe her as a little ray of sunshine since she takes joy in making other people smile, no matter how tough a time they might be having.

Being true to herself is extremely important to Musick, and this is reflected in her attitude to the upcoming pageant. “I want to be a face that other girls look at when they feel like they are not ‘good’ enough to do something,” stresses Musick. “But I don’t want to be idealized. I want people to see me as woman who has been empowered to do something positive and constructive. I want to be the woman in someone’s life saying ‘yes, girl, you can do it, and here’s why! You hold in you what it takes, and you always have. You just need to bring it to the front and do this!”

Musick was encouraged to enter the Miss Minnesota USA pageant by a cashier at a local store. Musick doubted that she had what it would take to enter and win the competition, feeling instead that her sister-in-law, who was shopping with her, would be a more suitable candidate. But the cashier told Musick she was beautiful; explaining that she was a former Miss USA state contestant and judge, the cashier told Musick she would do amazing if she entered the competition.

“As long as I have the resources and abilities to help a baby or babies survive, I will do all I can to make that happen,” concludes Musick.

Volunteering with The GOD'S CHILD Project

There are a number of ways to help or get involved with The GOD’S CHILD Project. Those interested in volunteering for The GOD’S CHILD Project locally or abroad can connect with current volunteers, hear their stories, and get a feel for the work. Visit the website and fill out an interest form.

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