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Three Part Exposé on the Hidden Costs of the Wind Energy Industry Set to Release June 2021

Three Part Exposé on the Hidden Costs of the Wind Energy Industry Set to Release June 2021

La Fenêtre Magazine will be running a three-part exposé on the corruption and hidden costs embroiled in the “sustainable” wind energy industry.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 18, 2021 / -- La Fenêtre- translated into “the window”- is a cutting-edge culture magazine, with the aim of bridging perspectives and boldly shining a light on social impact issues, the environment, fashion, and lifestyle in the modern world. The magazine will be running a three-part exposé on the corruption and hidden costs embroiled in the “sustainable” wind and solar energy industries.

The report details a range of issues including the true human and economic costs of these industries, and their tremendously harmful impact on the global environment. Not only are wind and solar energy simply not feasible but there is an untold negative impact in the expansion of these industries under the guise of “Green Energy.”

We had a chance to sit down with Hazel Rose, & Daniel de Castellane, the forces behind La Fenêtre, and get some insights into their goals, challenges, and hopes in putting out this piece.

Daniel de Castellane is a philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur, committed to boldly exploring modern issues and promoting compassion within society. He founded the de Castellane Creative Group, of which La Fenêtre is a part - as a way to create purpose, bridge gaps, and make a long-lasting positive impact in the world.

Hazel Rose is the Editorial Director with La Fenêtre Magazine. She has worked for many years at the intersection of arts and social justice, having studied Peace and Conflict Studies at the U.C. Berkeley and serving as a writer and consultant for organizations like Youth Speaks, S.F. Jazz, and Arts for Justice and Healing Network, Variety Magazine, and many others.


-Tell us more about this piece.

"The report will be a three-part exposé on the ways that the wind energy industry is not truly “clean” or “sustainable” at all. It will tell the gripping story of corruption and waste, and it will indeed offer another, truly clean and sustainable energy alternative." Hazel explains.

Daniel adds: " Part I releasing June 2021, provides background information on wind energy and discusses rare earth scarcity and China’s resource dominance, as well as the unchecked toxic environmental impacts of the wind and solar supply chains. Part II will address the human and economic cost of these industries, with a spotlight on labor conditions and subsidy and debt cycles."

Hazel continues: "Yes, and with Part III we are actually able to offer a solution to the problems posed, which is such a crucial element. We will review the facts and offer a new alternative - highlighting the engineers and inventors leading the charge in truly clean and sustainable hydropower, wave and tidal energy, specifically those at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc."

-Why did you feel the need to write this piece?

Daniel de Castellane: "As we’ve learned more about corruption and the negative environmental impact within the “sustainable” wind industry, we feel it’s imperative to bring that story to the world. We know many people care about the future of our planet, but do not have all of the information about which energy sources are truly sustainable and clean, there is so much misinformation out there."

-What did you learn during the course of this article?

Hazel Rose: "I learned that there is so much more than what meets the eye when it comes to “Green Energy.” It’s so important to look at the entire supply chain and the cost of these technologies from start to finish. There is a massive human and economic cost that we are facing if we don’t shape up in the sustainable energy world."

-What were some challenges?

Daniel de Castellane: "We know that this is not a widely accepted narrative just yet-- and that’s why we need to tell it. As a media company, it’s our responsibility to shine a light on the stories that must be told with truth, discernment, and clarity. We are at a global turning point, and if the powers that be have the right information, we could actually invest in sustainable energy sources that could aid in our current climate and humanitarian crises."

- What is next? We are seeing more and more environmental documentaries- would you make this into a documentary?

Daniel de Castellane: "We have some very exciting opportunities arising out of this, and we are thrilled to take the story as far as it will go. This is an important exposé that must be told, and we are hoping to share it with as many people as possible."


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