Fervent Contemporary Singer Reinforces His Unrelenting Grip on the Music Industry

What Friends Are For

Young warbler receives widespread pontification from international community

DUBAI, UAE, June 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The public health emergency brought upon the world by corona virus enabled countless to break away from the shackles that draw deep into the quagmire of low self-esteem and experience self-actualization. Vishaal Ganesh is no exception to this phenomenon. Subsequent to the success of his first independent release, he is now cementing his presence in the industry into an indelible mark as a producer. His second song titled ‘What Friends Are For’ is set to release on 2nd July, 2021.

The song condenses one of the sad realities of this misbegotten world, i.e., unrequited love, and the internal strife that condones the relinquishment of that person, vacillating between feelings of warmth and utter antagonism.

The song is about embarking upon a journey that dissipates the overshadowing clouds of infatuation that mar a person’s ability to think rationally. The song reflects a true sense of pain and fully indulges the listener. The song has been re-written multiple times to ensure optimum impact, is inspired by many genres, and sees scale changes throughout its progression.

About Vishaal Ganesh
The singer has been a cover artist since 2017 and has released in excess of 10 songs in India with 2 different record labels and in 3 different languages. His first official release as an independent artist and as a solo songwriter was on February 12, 2021 -- wall of memories -- a song that witnessed resounding success owing to its unique sounds and nostalgic tones. The singer can easily make esoteric allusions to cultural folklore and synchronize his own sense of rhythm with the micro-tonal nature of Carnatic music and the fixed-scale types of Western music. His most popular release, Uyire gamering, amassed over 250k views on YouTube.

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Pre-Release Link: https://soundcloud.com/vxshaal/what-friends-are-for/s-IRPFlFwXQJS


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