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Pallavi Chhelavda Guides Homeowners On Creating A Holistic Home Environment Through Vastu Shastra Practices

Pallavi Chhelavda Guides Homeowners On Creating A Holistic Home Environment Through Vastu Shastra Practices

Ek Raah Aur Sahi Disha, Jo Zindagi Badal De”
— Pallavi Chhelavda
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, June 11, 2021 / -- The guru holds regular Vastu Shastra Live Shows on her official social media channels to educate people in the science of Vastu Living.

To-be-dated: The road to self-discovery is a long one, but it can start from a place as comfortable as your home. Making necessary changes in your home environment can largely contribute to a more holistic way of living.

To help individuals find the right balance for their home and personal life, expert Vastu Shastra coach Pallavi Chhelavda has been offering her services to acquaint individuals with the spiritual practice better.

Through the incorporation of traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs—Vastu Shastra, also known as the science of architecture—she helps create a more harmonious living space devoid of negative energies. With 32 years of experience, Pallavi Chhelavda has been offering her Vastu Shastra knowledge for home project consultations and also in regular live shows hosted on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The live shows consist of various topics and help viewers acquaint themselves with the Vastu Shastra practices and how to follow through with those practices. When asked about the daily Vastu Shastra Live Shows, a regular attendee said,

“It’s amazing that we can better familiarize ourselves with Vastu Shastra and its many benefits from the comfort of our own homes. I have been an avid follower for the past year and have seen my life significantly change for the better. My initial curiosity about the practice is what brought me to Pallavi Chhelavda’s website, but the vast amount of information provided helped me better understand and incorporate the practice into my life.

The changes work like a ripple effect. You never know the power your home holds over you until you give way for Vastu Shastra practices. Realigning my needs and implementing them into my home helped me feel lighter and more in control of how things should be. Although some parts may seem confusing or daunting, the constant guidance really helped me keep myself on track.”

More information about Vastu Shastra and the subsequent live shows can be found on Pallavi Chhelavda’s official website.
About Pallavi Chhelavda

Pallavi Chhelavda is a Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui expert who is also a television personality, bestselling author, and Vastu-Feng Shui practitioner. Having served in multiple countries, Pallavi Chhelavda has 32 years of experience in the ancient Hindu and Buddhist inspired-practice.

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